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  1. Loyal supporters are always going to say their team is the better of the two teams. I bet there were some Columbus Blue Jackets faithful a few years back that even said they were better than Tampa Bay. They certainly were in that series, but overall I don't think so. Things just happen like that in any sport. That is why you play the games. Well all I know is my team is out for another season and I suppose I will hear endless talk about losing in the first round once again and griping from many fans how this team will never get it done and tear it apart and blah blah blah.
  2. I have to respectably disagree with you. I believe the team with the better goalie and the team that jumped on the opportunities given to them won this series. I certainly do not believe the Lightning have any better offense than the Leafs or really a Defense either(The Lightning D might be slightly better), but it came down to a few opportunities and the Lightning made the best of them and the Leafs did not. I honestly think both teams other than the goalies were pretty equal.
  3. I think you are correct on everything except JT. The thing about him never winning well when have they ever won and who with? I don't think that really would have changed with Matthews as the Captain of the team. I am also not going to debate whether JT is a good family man because you know as well as I do that both you and I don't know at all if he is or not. All I know is that the players seem like him and there is some cohesiveness with him as the Captain. I also don't think the Captain has to be the loud outspoken. Yes they have to show what kind of play needs to be performed on the ice an
  4. Most definitely better teams have lost in the series and it has happened to the Tampa Bay Lightning when they lost to the Columbus Blue Jackets. In that same year the Calgary Flames lost to the Colorado Avalanche as well. Washington and Nashville also lost that year in the first round.
  5. The one thing I give credit to the Lightning defense that the Leafs defense seemed to be unable to do effectively was clear people out in front of the the net leaving their goalie free to see incoming pucks. The Lightning always seemed to have at least two if not more players in front of the net clogging up space making it really difficult for Campbell to see the incoming puck. That is the job of the defense to clear them out of there. The Lightning D did that and the Leafs did not.
  6. Damn, I need a new profession to land me a seat right behind the bench. My Physical Therapy job don't get me anywhere close to the ice when I go to the Leafs games.
  7. Experience is a huge factor in these types of games and that was certainly on the side of Tampa Bay last night. I also saw those stats and it seemed like every time they showed a Leafs player it was 0 out of something. I still think both teams played pretty equally in last nights contest with the exception of Nick Paul and Andrei Vasilevskiy who had superior games for the Lightning. The Leafs defense and Jack Campbell also played well, but the offense for the Leafs including the star players did not show up and that is why they lost.
  8. I view Auston Matthews as an incredible player and that he is, but I am not going to sit here just because I am a Leafs fan and say Matthews is a better player than Connor McDavid because he is not. Both players contribute a lot to their teams, but McDavid seems to have that extra edge to his game that can take over an entire game on a regular basis. Matthews has that ability as well, but it seems to come in spurts for him. Both are top NHL players for sure and just might be #1 and #2 in the game right now.
  9. I agree with this this, although both a rather stupid if you think about what they are doing it for.
  10. I was thinking Nylander would be the start of securing a top goalie. Someone like Magnus Chrona probably makes more sense.
  11. If they are able to get Spencer Knight than that would be something. I would think the asking price would be pretty steep. The Leafs do have players to get it done, but I am not sure they are willing to do that.
  12. I certainly don't see JT going anywhere. I see him more valuable to the team than just on the ice. As for Nylander he would be the main star that I ship out. He can be fantastic at times and then he can make the most bone headed plays that just seems like he is a totally different player. Muzzin I also don't have a problem seeing him go because I think he has run his course with the club. Reilly is most definitely not going anywhere. I think an addition to a physical D-Man would be good for the Leafs. Jack Campbell has emerged as a capable #1 goalie, but I don't want P
  13. @3 Palmateers Yes, I knew you put the Leafs game last where it should have been. As for the Leafs game. The Lightning star players also did not show up other than Vasilevskiy. The Leafs were beaten by Nick Paul and Vasilevskiy. If they play like that without the stars showing up against the Panthers it is not going to be a good turnout for them at all. One the Panthers have some sort of magic in making comebacks and they also have a very strong defense that can put a hold on the Lightning offense. I will be surprised if this series goes past 5 games.
  14. Barring any issues in the morning skate it is expected that both Tristan Jarry and Sidney Crosby WILL play in game 7 tonight versus the New York Rangers.
  15. I am so glad Edmonton won and now hope that Calgary can win tonight for the battle of Alberta to happen in round 2. Now that Toronto is out these are the two teams I am cheering for. Bring the cup back to Canada.
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