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Hockey is getting in the way of a seamless commercial viewing experience


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The overlaid animated boards are a bit of an issue. While it's mostly teething issues, they're far more distracting than even their IRL equivalent (having seen them used in football games).


The way they shift as it falls to track the camera movement properly enough along with the occasional glitch involving players makes the whole experience pretty rubbish. I see the appeal for the league, they can still ad space that caters to the market it's broadcasting to, but ho boy it's not a good look overall. 


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Amen brother. Perfect title too - that's exactly where we're at - at least in North America. The split-screen commercials and now these ridiculous board spots. I'm sure they'll "fix" it eventually but at some point...and for my money that point was years ago... the game is just getting in the way.


I watch ATP and WTA matches and the coverage is completely different outside of North America. There are no interruptions for commercials. And unlike ESPN and the Tennis Channel they don't constantly jump from one match to another; they show one match at a time, beginning with the coin toss until the interview with the winner.

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Many of the complaints about these virtual ads are just ridiculous.  Complaints like those from the purists that hockey boards aren't pristine white and have puck marks on them, so these ads just don't look right.  Once the motion blur is worked out, "looks" like this pixelation won't be an issue.


As I've said before, any type of advertisement that doesn't interrupt gameplay, and keeps the sport from becoming the NFL, NBA or MLB where the number of commercial breaks are concerned are absolutely fine with me.  If that's virtual ads on the boards(should have been used back in 2015 when Bettman said they would never happen), ads on jerseys(these ridiculous purists crying about defacing jerseys can go fu@& themselves when they realize how many 2 minute commercial breaks would need to be added to game telecasts to generate 100+ million dollars of revenue for EVERY TEAM in the league), 15 second split screen ads during icing stopages that aren't interrupting gameplay, not going away for another 2 minute commercial break, giving teams breaks that they shouldn't be getting in this sport and interrupting the momentum and flow of this sport that is very important.


Maybe these purists simply just don't realize the revenue that these advertising plans are generating.  Or realize there are a number of franchises that badly need this boost in revenue.  This only means it's a good thing for the league.  And, if it keeps the number of 2 minute commercial breaks down in the sport, it's only a good thing for fans(at live games or watching telecasts).

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