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  1. If Patrick is symptom-free this summer he could come back and Wow people. Let's face it, at this point almost any change in his game will be an improvement. But I see some snarl from him in the scrums. He skates well, has a quick release and his defense is ... not terrible. If he's 100% healthy he may surprise us and become a game-changing player. I realize that's a little pie-in-the-sky right now but the kid is not small, not slow, can shoot and skate...the only thing holding him back is his health from what I can tell. Am I alone in thinking he may have a bright futur
  2. According to https://www.spotrac.com/nhl/philadelphia-flyers/kevin-hayes-15821/ he's got another year NMC then a Modified-NTC (12-team no trade list) kicks in 2022 and runs the length of the contract, which ends in 2025-26. Did I read it wrong somehow? I might've... In any case it's a horrible contract...$7mil cap hit through 2026 for a 2nd line center (supposedly) who's NEVER put up even 50 pts. in the NHL. SIX seasons ago he hit 49. And you guys hate Voracek...At least Voracek's a solid 65pt guy. Flyercanuck noted that Hayes did play well last year. The problem is Ha
  3. Voracek's cap hit could be better spent and if he can be moved without retaining salary I say great. But losing Voracek isn't critical to the Flyers' future in my opinion. Unloading Hayes' contract would be my priority. It's 2 years longer and only ~million less than JV. You call Voracek a "floater" but Hayes is the ultimate floater, him and JVR. I can't imagine what Hextall was thinking handing Voracek $66mil over 8 years. But I'm even more baffled by Fletcher giving Hayes...well, ANYthing #1, but a frggn NTC to boot...just unreal stupidity. (btw I know I'm "preaching to the choi
  4. Amen. "lacked teeth" is being nice about it. Oh there were some real nice 3-pass goals, nearly always involving Giroux and Voracek. Some point shots got through for JVR to whack away at them. But all in all I agree it was too predictable and too stationary. Same with the PK where I'm convinced there was terrible coaching or terrible buy-in, one or the other because they got scored on almost "at will" against everyone. Some turnover yes. But I find it odd you prefer a totally one-dimensional player like JVR - who was playing a complete game early on (totally out of charac
  5. But is he making too much to be a 40+ point D-man? It wasn't long ago Mike Green made what, $6mil per and I'd put Gost's D up against his any day. Werenski is making $5mil I think. He may be a more complete player but not by leaps and bounds. So no, not "keep him at all costs" only that his pluses outweigh his minuses - And - as you noted he puts butts in the cushions. He's fun to watch and since the Flyers will hardly be legit Cup contenders next year we need Entertainment Value in a big way. [edit: I hope I'm wrong about Goligowski too...it probably won't be that bad.
  6. Moving Gost is a mistake, which I'm sure Fletcher / AV will make if allowed. Gost is finally healthy enough to play the way he wants to, the way he did when he took the NHL like a storm. He will always need to "clean up" his defense but I can live with some beats on D to trade for a 40+ point PP QB. Plus his D is far from the worst for an offense-minded D-man. I'm not so sure this season is evaluation-worthy. I don't say pretend it didn't happen only that it was so "off" in every imaginable way...something else was going on besides "character" or "leadership" or even "tal
  7. I can't be as sure as that. This season...the less said the better. Just one thing - it was so below par for nearly everyone that for evaluation purposes I say throw it away. I'd say Provorov's ceiling is undetermined. He's only 24 and he started in the NHL at 19 I believe. He could very well grow into the role of a "true #1 D-man." I don't think he's that far away now. But my real concern is Chuckie Boy moves heaven and earth (overpays, in a word) to get that "true #1" and it's Tyson Barrie. Or Alex Goligoski. Nothing against those guys...but does Fletcher know what a
  8. LOL - yeah a little TMI but funny enough you get a pass for it!
  9. And NAK...omitted on purpose? ("better than they've shown this year.") His play this year may be more of the general FUNK that was the Flyers 2020-21 season...hardly anyone rose above it. But at 25 he's got to sink or swim next year, wherever he ends up if he doesn't want to be a career AHL guy.
  10. please pardon the length...next time I'll be better... "through the lens of production" is one of 2 things we have to go on, production - what was expected, what was delivered - and the "eye test." All the rest is intangible stuff we're generally not privy to. That's about it. What you expect, what you got, and what you saw on the ice. And the last one is open to many versions, all kinds of interpretation. I'm not so sure "the leadership" on the team is responsible for any of the mess that is the Flyers. In a general sense, sure, they're leaders they're supposed to lead
  11. I can't remember where I read it, probably in Creem but Page was going on about all the layering they did, running tapes backwards...all sorts of studio wizardry to get those guitar sounds. A 12-string and somebody else on a 6 is as close as I've come; not like the album but pretty nice, esp with a bit of phaser/flanger and reverb/decay of course. you tune the bottom string to D right? edit: you know i may be misleading you...i can't honestly rem if it TYG he was talking about or something else. But the low E tuned to D is correct AFAIK. Good luck have fun!! i know you will.
  12. Nice summation of the game. The Flyers seemed to be working hard but all the unforced turnovers. Wow. It's been bad all year but this was a new low. Is it lack of talent? If you mean the talent level is too low to become an elite team then I think you're right. The only way this roster could be a legit threat is if everyone, from Hart on out, was having a career year or close to it - all at the same time.
  13. Wow the Flyers are passing to the Penguins as often as to their own teammates. and just like that it's 3-0. and Justin Braun makes it 3-1. Justin Braun? His 1st goal of the season... edit: now that is what the Flyers have been missing...some clutch goal-scoring!
  14. Figured it'd be Elliott. Seems a shame one of the LHV goalies can't get a game. Elliott's been out of gas for awhile now.
  15. But you're probably right. It's hard to imagine the Flyers playing just as hard/fast/smart again tonight. Plus like you said the "buzz saw Pens squad" may be out for blood after losing 7-2. And then there's Elliott, who I assume goes tonight. He's kind of a disaster waiting to happen...all the signs point to him being spent. Then again the Pens don't really need the points so they may not go full tilt. Unless maybe they have a preference for NY or Boston in R1...?
  16. Wait I thought Rad was the champion of the C&I squad... A good win obviously doesn't erase the drek that came before it. It's still sweet to whip the Penguins. I'm glad the paying customers finally got their money's worth.
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