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Vegas Odds to win the Cup

Buffalo Rick

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Well its too bad we no longer have the contest.  Here are some up to date odds from the oddsmakers in Vegas:


Boston  +370

Colorado +700

Toronto  +900

Edmonton +1000

Carolina +1000

NJ Devils +1100

NY Rangers +1200

Las Vegas +1200

Tampa +1400

Dallas +1500


I think Boston will have to dispose of either Carolina or the Leafs or Rangers in the East finals.  My West final is Vegas over Dallas.  I think Vegas will get to the finals.  But I am not going to pick them to win it all just yet.  If ever the Leafs had a shot, its now.  But Boston is an obstacle.  Dallas and the Rangers and even the Devils must be considered sleepers.  

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1 hour ago, yave1964 said:

Leafs and oilers in the final. Game seven goes to Edmonton 8-6 in one of the lowest scoring games of the series.

An all Canadian final?  You should bet a couple bucks on it.  The return would be huge.  It’s possible.  I like Leafs chances more

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Goalies eliminated: Vasilevskiy, Shesterkin, Georgiev, Sorokin, Hellebuyck, Ullmark.

Goalies qualified: Brossoit, Schmid, Raanta, Skinner, Grubauer, Samsonov.


Home teams had a .380 winning percentage in the first round and were 1-3 in game #7.



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