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Blues Hire Ken Hitchcock

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Has a team ever hired a coach that they just fired less than a year ago? 2/30/2010 he was fired from Columbus.

I get that he was in the area so his name came up but I don't think the Jacket's brass would have done something like that.

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"A big problem for the Blues this season has been special teams play. St. Louis is last in the League at just 7.5 percent on the power play"

I'm sure that'll be the "easiest thing to fix" down there...

They just need to make sure that they have a GPS on where "the room" is.

And, not that I particularly care about the Blue Jackets, but that team's not entirely the coach's fault. There is a point at which players need to play and simply turning on the coaching carousel isn't always the best move. Arniel didn't give up multiple odd-man rushes. He hasn't give up goals in the first four shots of EVERY game this season (a stat which astonishes me...).

Plus, with RJ and Crater on board, would Hitchcock have been the best choice, anyway?

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I agree with both of you. I just know Ken's name was coming up a lot in talks of being the coach again for Columbus. The Blues have shown a lot of promise, especially with last year's start. Hopefully Hitchcock can turn them around again. I had no clue they made the playoffs 25 years in a row.

Also that CBJ stat about a goal against on the first 4 shots in every game is incredible.

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