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This is going to be a bit long, but please read on

Like many Flyers and sports fans, I know when series are fixed by the league for marketing purposes. Even Championships.

1980 Flyers- Isles for the more mature fans ( 2 offsides and 1 high stick goal)

1987 Flyers-Oilers when an Oilers team with cocaine users was allowed to play in spite of Sports Illustrated calling them out (later proved with Grant Fuhrs wife testifying in divorce court and his suspension after he was not on Gretzky's team anymore)

2009-Penguins Wings when the NHL chose to over ride the suspensions to Malkin and allow football tackling of the Wings in game 7

I must admit during the Flyers terrible 06-07 season, due to a personal relationship working on hockey book project with a new Pens hockey staff member I went to the Igloo, and had backstage passes and was enjoying a rebirth of the franchise.

But the leagues unhealthy obsession with Crosby and the Pens, and the resultant abuse of other franchises to that end, stopped my embracing the rebirth of that franchise and the friendship

2009 finals ended it

When we all saw Bettman physically being excited for the Pens in the press box during the last game of the 08 finals, we knew it was a fait accomplit for them to win the next year. They had too much invested and what seemed to be obsessive on the part of the executives

The Pens were in the Flyers way in 08 with an undermanned defence and in 09 when the team with different leadership on & off ice was not capable.

This series finally shakes off the yoke of the leagues poster child and executive group who shamelessly placed him and his team-mates above all levels of fair and equitable treatment of other teams.

There is nothing worse taking taking a spoiled talented little B***CH and enabling him by placing him on a plateau of Godliness at the cost of millions of dollars for other teams and the disappointment of other teams fans for a marketing program

The amount of suspensions issued to the Penguins has paled in relation to what they deserved.

Matt Cooke an honest hockey player now? After injuring how many star and future hall of fame players along the way.

I take great pleasure in this first round and while there may be some rational and open minded fans of the Pens, that team has become the most arrogant, self centered, entitled classless organization. They have become everything they say the abhor.

Now if only the biblical Passover plagues would affect them.................................

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Nice summary of why it's easy to despise this group of priviledged smucks.

After their injury seeking cheap crap in this series and the Shanahan special discount for Penguanos, the easily seen discrepencies in punishment became astonishing in magnitude. May they eat Poo and die.

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