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Great article about #88 on NHL.COM (in 4 parts no less)

Guest canoli

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maybe this is old news - anyway it's a helluva good article - takes you back to those crazy days before he signed with the Flyers. Once he finally suited up in the NHL - the Flyers! - those were pretty amazing years of Flyers hockey - and 90% because of Lindros. The Flyers weren't exactly a great team and maybe we gave away the store to get him but man that guy was something to watch.

i guess some of you remember him from before his Flyers' days - there was a great stat FC posted once about his junior days - damn if i can remember what it was now but it was one of those "holyshit he did that?" type of stats.

Ah Eric...so many great memories but in a way it still feels like we hardly knew ye...


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I added the link :)
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