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  1. Welcome back, I've missed your posting on the Flyers forum. 

    1. canoli


      Thanks ya been a crazy busy year but eventually I'll get active again. 

      Thanks again for the note.

  2. Yes this particular episode is over but meanwhiLe he's acquired the "bubble boy" nickname.
  3. Well it's 2 1Rs but one is conditional right? We got Frost and then next year who knows where that 1R pick ends up? Won't be in the top 10 if I understand it correctly. Anyway no great loss, BSchenn won't be missed except on the PP. And even then maybe the Flyers 1st unit will be better off without him.
  4. Girardi is no "pylon" but he's not the same player he once was. I can't understand most of the moves by Gorton and the Rangers so far but buying out Girardi made sense. At $2mil for 1 year he'd be great for the Flyers but he'll want >twice that and some fool GM will prob give it to him.
  5. Yeah I want to complain a little more. I appreciate 2 1R picks. That sounds like a steal for BSchenn until you add Lehtera's near-equivalent in cap hit / salary. That makes no sense. I am ALL for opening up the roster for guys with better hockey IQ / more commitment to winning a shift than BSchenn. But not one of the signed prospects fit the bill? Hextall couldn't find a better partner to take BSchenn and actually open up some cap room? Maybe this summer isn't exactly promising for LWers but still. Hextall said he wasn't actively shopping BSchenn. Apparently he wanted Frost bad enough to downgrade the current roster in hopes that Mr. Oh-God-I-Wish-It-Was-Any-Other-Team Frost will be an impact player. (seriously did you see this kid's face when Hextall announced his name? He looked like he was about to have root canal) Well I hope he's right. Okay I'm done. F^*# it. If the Flyers are 5 years away that gives Hakstol time to mature into his position. And maybe by then Lappy figures out how to impose his passion for killing penalties onto the Flyers' killers.
  6. @flyercanuck Actually my post was more about the picks than it was about lehtera, and how more picks sets us further back on the rebuild. I think it's pretty obvious Hextall doesn't think the Flyers are only a few years away from icing a Cup-worthy team. More like 3 - 5 years.
  7. I just hope he gets there in my lifetime b/c this rebuild-that-he-can't-call-a-rebuild is starting to look like a permanent state of affairs. I'm just wondering when he believes this strategy should end, when the cupboard is stocked enough to start concentrating on building a T-E-A-M. Hakstol will need time to implement his structure on whoever the new, younger pieces are: keep jettisoning guys who know how to play Hakstol's style and the horizon just gets further away. maybe that's okay but like I said I thought we were already in Year 3 of the FIVE-YEAR-PLAN. Guess not.
  8. A consensus seems to be shaping up that Lehtera will fill Bellemare's spot and not Schenn's. Two problems with that idea: 1) Lehtera doesn't have anywhere near the physical commitment to winning a shift compared to Bellemare. Many (most) here seriously minimized the contribution from PEB. There were good reasons he was given an "A" over other players. On and off the ice he's a special player, exactly the opposite of a "dime a dozen" type. The Flyers really should've protected him after re-signing him because he's the definition of a "warrior" you want on your squad. But I digress. Point 2) a ~$5million man skating 4th line center? So why Lehtera, couldn't anyone find Vinny's #?
  9. except that it's an ugly step backward. Lehtera is a 29-year old dud who doesn't kill penalties, who's got no shot, no hands in close, i.e. he doesn't score goals. And he's got a cap hit so similar to BSchenn's the difference isn't worth mentioning. Great, we save a year....what does that remind me of? oh right Hartnell for Umberger. I thought Hextall made it clear he was going for a 5-year (max) turnaround. And he's been successful pursuing that. BSchenn? Seemed to me he was part of the longer-term plan - he's still young, still growing as a player (but yes, also showing signs he's hit his ceiling), was pretty much a lock to score 25... but okay, no great loss (except on the PP), he's not exactly a heart 'n soul kind of guy. But dragging over Lehtera is an unnecessary expense. Another center who doesn't score goals...greeeeaat...//sarcasm. Hopefully Lehtera never suits up in the O&B because the Flyers don't need him at all. The picks are nice but this wasn't supposed to be a Better-Part-Of-A-Decade rebuild. I thought we were approaching Year 3 of the 5-year plan. We'll see.
  10. Heckuva game 6 tho the Pens got robbed on the goalie interference call I think. Game 7 gonna be fun!
  11. Rags have 20 minutes to get 2, force OT. I'm surprised by [what looks to me like] a lack of desperation through 40 minutes. This isn't the same team that ran over the Sens in G3 and G4. Then again to be fair the Sens have upped their game in a big way. Karlsson - what can you say he's a game-changer but all the skaters look focused and hungry for the puck. Ha! I'm about to type where's Kreider and Nash and Kreider scores a breakaway goal.
  12. Another convincing win at home now let's see if the Sens can regroup Saturday. I doubt it NY is just steamrolling over them even the Sens' wins were both kinda flukey. Ya i still think Rags in 6.
  13. Rags looked like a different team last night much faster, hungry for the puck. I'm still convinced it's Rangers in 6.
  14. well you hate to bump Matt Read, lose his solid 19 pt season... //puke seriously I'm with you I don't get how he didn't rate a roster spot with the Flyers.
  15. Ya it's tough when your goalies don't give you a chance. Jake and Giroux can only do so much ...half the time Voracek has to carry the puck in all by himself. Is it his fault his line mates are caught going the wrong way after he invariably turns it over? Neuvirth can't hold them to ZERO goals so the Flyers have ZERO shot at winning. well at least tonight in Pittsburgh they face an easier task, keeping the low-scoring Penguins off the board.

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