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Lot to like there. Also things to be concerned about.


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analysis from a Sabre friend of mine on teh Facebook.

So, my post-game press conference:

Lot to like there. Also things to be concerned about.

1.) CoHo has moments of brilliance and I have a lot of hope for him going forward, but there were moments I wanted to reach through the screen and throttle him. He blew about half of that last PP in the second all by himself. Settle down, kid.


2.) Keep Grigorenko up and let him adjust. He's young and this has to be sort of overwhelming for him. Give it time.

3.) Trade offer: Andrej Sekera for... anything. Bag of pucks. Extra stick. Anything. Please go away, Rej.

4.) PK looks fantastic.

5.) Myers is still a little slow. Might be the ankle.

6.) Miller is acceptable.

All in all, looking good. Better than last year. Love the physical play. Maybe be a little smarter about the penalties. Go Sabres.

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I'll speculate it is related to the 1.5 GAA and .953 SV% balanced by the called back goals.

Miller looks pretty solid to me. And those stars prove it. The called back goals are irrelevant, and clearly the one Fedotenko shoves him on cant be held against him at all.

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I've personally just never viewed Miller as an ace goalie. I am not saying he is not brilliant at times, because he is. A lot of people feel the same and I think whenever he is spoken about that always reigns supreme in their mind.

Most Sabre fans believe Ryan walks on water - even when not frozen. He is untouchable in Western New York.

I don't think he's among the "elite" goaltenders (a list that may start and end with Lundqvist) but he is among the Top Ten in the league.

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