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An interesting read....

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Here is the link to a Pittsburg writer (a Pittsburg writer!!!!!!!!)


I could see myself saying " I'm loving the Penguings self destructing" but I also regonize their talent level. What the heck is up with the them??? Goaltending? Crosby/Malkin not stepping up? The series isn't over by a long shot but what the heck? The Penguins should be dominating, not out scored 9-1.

Do they need to do a complete rebuild?


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Idaho... funny you posted this b/c I was just reading it on the gazette... this post below was in the comments section - priceless. I still do nto get why LeWang is so loved... the guy is overrated - period. Nice to have for offense but is well below average in his own end.


At some point in his career why didn't a coach make Letang a winger? He surely thinks he is one, like a duck that thinks he's a dog and barks instead of quacks. He is up for the Norris for his offense but at some point when it comes to the playoffs you have to become a more disciplined, responsible to win a series.

And doesn"t it seem every year a forward comes out of the woodwork and does a better " best player in the world" impression than Sid? Cammerilli from Montreal. Then Giroux. Now this Krejci guy. And I LOVE Sid, but isn't it time to question his leadership when we keep seeing him doing immature things and losing his head in tight series? Really?

I am not sure i would put Malkin in the horrible category. Yeah, the fight was stupid. But he is about the only Penguin that looks somewhat like himself. Most of ...game one he was dominant, just didn't translate into goals.

Martin has been awful as well, Niskanen i cringe whenever he is on the ice. Can Bortuzzo and or Despres be that bad ?

Bottom line these guys , Sid, Letang, etc, aren't kids anymore. They should be wiser, game tested, etc. And they like Fleury won a Cup and somehow have seemed to become worse in pressure situations since. How does that happen?

Reminds me of the long ago Capital series where we got outplayed badly the first two games then scrapped everything to resort to a trapping team mid series. Brilliant. Won the next 4 games if i am correct. Need something like that out of Dan here."

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And doesn"t it seem every year a forward comes out of the woodwork and does a better " best player in the world" impression than Sid?

JetBlue pilot asks if crying baby on flight is actually Sidney Crosby!!



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