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Hawks win it all!


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Great season for the Hawks, they are set for the next few years to keep going, and it would not surprise me to see the Hawks repeat next season.

One minor quibble, the league talks about changing this or that, the number one thing that needs changed IMHO is equipment worn by Goaltenders. I swear Crawford in interviews after the game looked like the stay puff marshmallow man, his shoulders went above chin level for Gods sake. He is not alone, I understand a need for safety but cmon, enough is enough.

Not denigrating the Hawks with this, I did pick them before the season to romp through the West after all. The scary part is they have NHL ready kids playing in the AHL and overseas simply because of lack of roster spots available.

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@yave1964 It was not as bad as Snow years back, but yeah, I agree.....they have to get a handle on this stuff, review every piece of goalie equipment and set a standard for them. Everything, shoulder pads, glove size...the whole damn thing needs to be put under a microscope. Remeber how big Roy's jersey was before he retired....lol, I think they changed the rules on that one and there is recent changes to the pads...work with the NHLPA and get some answers.

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