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Wings to buy out Colaiacovo and consider Weiss

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Sources say the Detroit Red Wings will use one of their compliance buyouts on Carlo Colaiacovo and relieve themselves of a $2.5MM salary cap hit for this season. After losing the Vincent Lecavalier Sweepstakes, the Red Wings find themselves back at Square One in this year's free agent pool. They are continuing talks with team forwards Daniel Cleary and Damien Brunner to extend their contracts and it appears deals will be made to keep them in red sweaters, and the buyout on Colaiacovo still leaves the Red Wings with seven NHL-caliber defensemen: Kronwall, Ericsson, Smith, Quincy, Kindl, DeKeyser, and Lashoff.

Additional rumors surrounding other highlight free agents don't look promising for Detroit either. New Jersey's David Clarkson is looking for an extended contract at $6MM per season, quite a lot for a guy who's only topped the 30-goal-season once. Boston's Nathan Horton has expressed his wishes to play in a warmer client because, well, he's a hockey player, and all that ice and cold really gets to you after a while....

The next likely candidate is Florida's Steve Weiss, who is coming off a six-year deal at $4.1MM per season. That's a little more to the liking of Detroit, who just finished paying Valtteri Filppula that much. Still, Weiss is a solid 20-goal scorer (ignoring his injury-shortened season last year). He's a left-handed shot, although Detroit would really prefer a righty, Still he'll be able to anchor the second line center position and Detroit has the room to give him a decent raise. The trouble is commitment. After a cozy six year deal, Weiss will probably be looking for something more along the same lines. However, as is Hollands M.O., Weiss would likely be offered a slight raise, but only a two- or three-year deal. Perhaps a system of bonuses could also be employed in lieu of a long term stint.

Still, he presents probably the best option for Detroit at this point. Otherwise, Mike Ribeiro is still available, but his demands are a little high.

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Very weak free agent class this year, Vinnie being the cream of the crop and he is gone now. I am really surprised that Colaiacovo was released, 2.5 million for a veteran puck moving defenseman seems reasonable, I actually quite liked the way he played last year. Probably Holland has an eye on someone for the blue line, we still need someone back there, Maybe Andrew Ferrence?

As far as forwards go, Horton would be my preference, I actually had this quirky thought the other day. I thought it would be cool to sign both Weiss and Horton then pick up Booth when Vancouver cuts him loose, we could call it our cat line, lol.

Getting goofy. Cant wait until Friday. Let the frenzy begin!

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@yave1964 Latest Wing rumors.


Very interesting. Guess Datsuyk and Grabo are friends and meshed very nicely together on a KHL line during the lockout. I said Grabo would be a Wing before I read this, now I'm sure of it. This has the WIngs written all over it. One of their trusted stars can give them valuable insight. Great in all 3 zones, a classic hard worker who concentrates more on defense than offense. Give him decent wingers on the 2nd line and watch the goals come back. Plus, he would be a respectable cap number. Added bonus, Grabo get's to stick it to the Leafs 6 times a year!! Even the term will be decent, prob 4 mill a year for 4 years or so. The Wings will be all over this....just watch!!

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