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Ongoing Indecision Re: Goalie Pad Changes

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There doesn't seem to be much headway made in the ongoing talks in the NHLPA & subsequent rulings in regards to shortening the height of goalie pads & shrinking the size of kneepads, both of which are contentious issues due to resulting in a larger 5-hole opening when goalies drop into the butterfly position. Some have said this would not cause a barrage of goals between the wickets while others differ.

The NHL also wants to ban some custom Swiss-made kneepads like JS Giguere wears. Lundqvist has voiced that he would like a decision made by early August so he has time to get used to the new equipment. It is also interesting to note in his comments in the article below, that already with some changes that have been made, he is getting hit in areas where once he had protection.


(btw dig: thanks so much for availing us of the 'edit' function/no time limit...much easier! :D )

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Will you please post the link with the above article please.

I think when the NHL rules committee camp rolls along later this summer they will take a more in depth look at this. I do think smaller pads are a way to promote more scoring in the future, thus it is just a matter of time until we see new regulations.

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@hf101 " I do think smaller pads are a way to promote more scoring in the future, thus it is just a matter of time until we see new regulations."

That's a much better idea than making the nets bigger. I would not be able to stomach that. The baseball equivalent would be moving the pitchers mound back 10 feet....ha ha. If they ever implemented that idea, I swear I would stop watching. It would make a complete and utter mockery of the game we love. Not only that, you would have two distinct sets of records, ones with the old nets and ones with the new ones. Also, some of the smaller goalies would be forced out of the game. The fact that they even considered this makes me ill.

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@jammer2 Woah, I agree! Didn't know they were considering enlarging the nets? I only heard they were shaving off something like 4" off the depth of the nets, to increase available space for maneuvering behind the nets. But that this wouldn't affect the current width of the net at all. I guess I missed that one...I agree about the 2 sets of records then & for goalies smaller than 6'3'', 210lbs...haha

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@goalnut3133 I would love to see the rinks bigger myself. Having all of them Olympic size would be great. Of course, the problem is the greedy owners would lose hundreds and hundreds of prime seats in order to accomplish that goal. I want more emphasis on skating, would love that. I know 40 or so players that could never play with a rink that size, so questionalbe skaters out...skill in. It would change the way teams draft also. Even marginal skaters would be ignored, which is good for the game in the long run. No problem at all with tough guys, just make the tough guys skate is all.....if they can't hack it, next contestant please.

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@jammer2 Yan that could really make things interesting, however, I just don't see that being feasible. I don't think there are enough skilled players that could also handle a larger rink, poses a real cardio problem...by the 6th/7th game of a Final, the guys have already taken such a beating (Bruins were prime for the picking by Hawks), that all that extra skating would just not be possible...they are already down to 30 secs-1 min shifts by that point as it is...the only way would be to fit the skates with jet propulsion, lol. I'd rather see them displaying their skills on the ice, not winded & about to pass out on the benches...& I REALLY don't want to see PED's come into this picture & the ruining of our game...it's bad enough out there already. ;)

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Speaking with In Goal Magazine, NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said additional equipment reductions — specifically, measurement regulations and kneepad contouring — will be brought before the NHLPA and possibly implemented for the start of the season.

“We have the Players’ Association commitment to going back to the goaltender group on kneepads and some of the other additions that [NHL goalie equipment czar] Kay Whitmore has in mind to do,” Daly explained. “It is an ongoing process.

“We are going to get some movement this year with respect to goaltending equipment, but it’s going to continue to be a work in progress.”

As mentioned above, the NHLPA already OKed downsizing the height of goalie pads, which would essentially create larger five holes for shooters (for a lengthy, detailed explanation, click here.)

The issue with more changes to goalie pads is timing.

Equipment manufacturers need time to make these pads and, with specifics and regulations still not set in stone, producing legal gear in time for the start of the season could prove difficult.

That said, Daly and Whitmore see it differently.

“On Kneepads, what [Whitmore] wants to do, as I understand it, is not a manufacturing issue,” Daly said. “So if we get goaltender buy-in, it is something we can actually implement for next season.”


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