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Huge travel cut for Columbus/ A big help for them?

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Colombus had t travel more than any team last year and look how they finished.   With far less miles to deal with, they should have a bit more jump in their step this year.  It can only help them.  If they get the goaltending they got last year, who knows how good they might be?  

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Yes, they are one of my 'fun' teams to watch this year...I'm rooting for them as they were the 'underdogs' for so long...they might end up being my 2nd favourite team this year..I hope Bob will have another big year or something close to it... ^_^  GO JACKETS!!

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Jackets move to the East will most definitely help them stay fresher as the season wears on, however, the bottom line is, the team STILL has to play with intensity, play above and beyond their opponents, and continue to develop top talent and make smart decisions at the FO level, if they want to be consistent contenders year in, year out.


The Metro Division SHOULD be an overall tough one (though right now, it isn't looking that way), with teams such as the Pens, Flyers, Rangers, Devils and Capitals in there.

Those are teams that one wouldn't expect to struggle for very long, and in some cases, DO have the financial resources to get the help they need from elsewhere to bolster their lineups.


Columbus being 'small market' for hockey, just has to be smarter with their player development, make smart investments long term for certain players, and just match other teams' will to win.


If they do that, I see no reason why this club can't compete regularly and make the post season....especially this year, when the Metro is looking a bit down, with the possible exception of the Pens.


Good teams start with their goaltender and the Jackets are well covered there with Bob..even though he currently may not be matching his outstanding season from last year.

Columbus needs to carve out their identity, create and stick with a gameplan every time out, and they should be fine.....less travel or not.

With the nice collection of decent players on the team (and the youth), the advantage of less travel may very well work in their favor as the season comes to a close, but they just need to bring it every night for it to matter at that point.

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