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Is Tuuka worth the hype?

Guest yave1964

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I am not saying Tuuka Rask is not a solid NHL goaltender, but more and more I keep reading web sites placing him in the top three or four of NHL goaltenders, listing him up there with King Henrik and Pekka Rinne.

IMHO I just do not think so.

First, his statistics

Career wins losses GAA Save PCT.

138 66 45 2.15 .927

Great numbers, absolutely an above average goalie who puts up solid numbers.

My opinion is the list of goalies I would want to start a team with that I like more than Tuuka includes:

The King







I believe he is a system goalie who is in the right place at the right time with the right team. In Colorado I think his numbers would only be slightly better than Varlamov.

Goalies I consider on par with Tuuka





I know what I have said is controversial, but I think he is overrated as any goalie in the game because of who he plays for. Not a bad goalie, but somewhere around 7th to 12th is where I believe he ranks.

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@yave1964  I like the 7 goalies you had ahead of him. He's right about in there in the 8-10 range. He has 2 big things going for him, relatively young  and on a solid team. Still has room to grow and mature, and he's been more than respectable thus far. I think he only gets better from here on out.

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Tuuka Rask was not originally the franchise goalie: Tim Thomas was. Now that he quasi-retired, Tuuka had to take over as a starter, and he performed admirably. He is top-10 caliber, because of the saves that he makes and the way he can keep his team in a game even when they are offensively off. He is a hybrid goalie, unlike Lundqvist who is a pure butterfly goalie, and his flexibility in styles is effective. I would not place him within the top 5 yet, but he does have talent and the intangibles, so he is at least 6 or 7. I would look at him as my franchise goalie, with Bryzgalov as my number 2, because Bryzgalov has experience but Tuuka has the rings.

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