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What to expect from Tim Thomas


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  Will the signing of Tim Thomas fix the woes of the Florida Panthers?


   IMHO no. This is a team with a solid farm that is still a year or two away, and by then Thomas will be just another memory as will other stop gap veterans the club signed such as Scott Gomez, Krys Barch, Joey Crabb, Tom Gilbert, Matt Gilroy and Ryan Whitney. A bunch of retreads with very little tread on them left in the first place, Thomas gets a lot more pub than he deserves, he is a

39 year old goalie

coming off a season that he took off


  My personal opinion is he will wind up with a record very close to:


12 wins  23 losses  3.25 GAA  900 Save pct.


  Move along. Nothing to see here.

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I don't know how Thomas managed to sign another contract in the NHL, to be honest. I highly respect Dale Tallon but this was not a good move.


For one thing, taking a year off at his age is a career killer.


He will also realize that the Panthers defense is not the Bruins' and mostly, there's no Chara in front of him.


Not counting that since his stupid refusal to go the White House, his off-ice antics have drawn more negative attention to himself than what it's worth.

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Yave.......I like Tim Thomas, I hope he does well.


Not that fond of the Florida Panthers.  One of my kids loved to get shares of sports franchises.  I used to buy a few shares of different ones for Christmas presents to him.   One of them was Florida Panthers.  Turned out to be a rip-off.  The boss was a guy named Wayne Huizenga (think spelling is correct).  Anyway, the name on the shares changed from Panthers into other companies (I remember one had Boca Raton as part of the name).  Eventually just disappeared into some sinkhole in Florida.  That sinkhole was Huizenga's pocket.

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@Habsterix  I'm also a big Tallon fan, but I agree, this was a stinky move. Would have been better to go with the kid Markstrom and sign Theodore to a 1 mill contract...a much better use of cap space. Theodore and Thomas are basically interchangeable at this point, both older guys past their prime but at least Theodore would be a lot more cost efficient. Almost 4 mill for this old fart is inexcusable...horrid use of cap space....it's not like they are up against the cap or anything, but what a horrible use of his owners money!!

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