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New logo for my jersey


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(The picture is still upside down when I click on it.)  I like it but maybe give bunny a logo on her front? Or is she not supposed to be wearing a jersey? What about a bunny logo on bunny? :P lol...Or a Blues note?  What's your team gonna be called?  

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The logo is a take-off from the Penguins logo. It's an imaginary team called the "Raging Rabbits of Rapid City". It's going on one of my practise/pick-up game sweaters. The last name is imprinted is "Pidasso".

Bonus points to whom ever figures out Pidasso's first name.

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Stew?  Is the first name Stew? (or Stu?)


(Get it?  Stu-pid-asso)

Ding ding!!!!!

Stuarto Pidasso is a has-been left winger who played in Junior hockey for a couple of seasons. He will tell you all about how he heckled Lindros and other players of his time in Juniors. But when you ask him his coaches' names, he claims to have had too many concussions to remember.

Stu: "All such a foggy time back then. I remember my dad taking me to the rink in his blue Ford Ranger. He loved that truck, and he got 385,956 miles on it before he traded it. He put over 200,000 miles on it driving me to and from the rinks.

"Anyway- I had the coolest pair of CCM Ultra Tacks with Gretzky blue Tuuks. I wore a Jofa VM helmet. And i went toe to toe with Doug Weight."

(person listening to story): "I lived in Rapid City in the late '80s through mid '90s. I never knew that the Raging Rabbits were playing then. I worked at the local rink and don't remember you ever being at the rink. Who was your coach?"

Stu: "Ummm, I got hit in the head a lot. I didn't play home games all that much in that rink. Maybe we're talking about a different Rapid City?"

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