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Won't Trade the First?


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So it seems the basic assumption is that the Flyers won't go without a first round pick next year just because the draft is in Philly.


I completely, absolutely agree with this, but it seems an absurd statement to make when you think about it. If there was a deal in the offing that almost definitely improve the team's long term chances, do you not do the deal just so you can make a first round pick in front of whatever fans show up for it?


If, indeed, Flyers management is factoring in such things - and, again, I absolutely believe they are - that's ridiculous.


In other news, they will deny this at every opportunity.


And then do it anyway.


They have no interest in Comrie.

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One thing that is as certain as anything is Homer will throw in a 2nd round pick with any deal that goes down. This team is not going anywhere so might as well hold onto picks... Which means he will trade a first and second rounder for a has been....

More of the same I am afraid.

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