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Lundquist 2nd star? Joke. Miller stopped 42 (does he stay or go?)

Buffalo Rick

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Typical.  Miller once again shines and they give Lundquist the 2nd star?  29 saves?  Big deal.  Miller is playing in a position no veteran goalie would want any part of.  Yet he is playing great.  I am just wondering what he is thinking?  He has to be on the minds of some GM's.  They know Darcy is not going to give him away.   So its cat and mouse for sure.  Do they wait until the trade  deadline and try and pull the trigger on a deal for him?  I mean the other GM's that want him?  If he is willing to wait for this team to rebuild and go through the draft and free agency process, will he consider resigning with the Sabres if no big offers come or if the Sabres cannot get the value for him?  He is worth plenty in my book and he is young enough to wait it out and win once they get it together.  Even if its two years.  Look how old Borduer is.  Look how old alot of goalies have been that played this game effectively for many years.   Guys like Giacomin, Plante, Hasek, Worsley, Parent, Broduer, Cheevers, Hall, etc.  He can stay if he is willing.  He is still young enough to do that.

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Registering a shutout will always get you a star regardless of how many saves it took to get.


With all due respect HJ, the Miller era in Buffalo is about to end be it at the deadline or sooner. Miller has been the face of the franchise and despite his efforts there are no Cup banners hanging at First Niagara and he doesn't have a ring on his finger. There is no way he is going to want to stick around for a rebuild while facing 40+ shots a night. IMO he is getting the bulk of the starts now because he wants to make a case to be the starter for Team USA and the sabres are being classy enough to support that cause. I also believe there is a bit of truth to the rumors that he wants a trade out West  because that's where his wife is. So a trade to any team West of Buffalo would get him closer :)

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