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Doing University Research about Consumers


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Hey guys. My group and I are assigned a project, in where we study consumers of a particular brand/product. We Chose the Maple Leafs. As a Leaf fan myself, I like them because they were the team I grew up, my first NHL game was a Toronto vs Ottawa game when I was about 5 years old, and I always support them, no matter the outcome of the season. My Questions for you fellow hockey fans are: What is it about the Leafs that you like, and why are you so loyal to the franchise despite the "lack of success" in the past

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 I am a Wing fan but always liked the Leafs because they are original six and have a way cool jersey, one of the iconic jerseys in the games history. I have about two dozen jerseys and somehow I never got a Leaf one. I have a couple of Leaf t-shirts but I have to get a jersey soon.


  I love the way they play, Carlyle has them playing a nasty never give an inch game. I love the attitude of the team.


  I used to love Sittler and Lanny Mac, Ian Turnbull, Palmateer, Tiger. Salming, the 1970's Leafs.


  I have loved the trainwreck of the past two decades, I have cringed over almost everyone of their moves as they have walked the thin line between inept and down right unwatchable.

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