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3 days off will bring you...


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gotta watch the replay, saw the first, thought they played well, but were still down 2 at the end of one.


Dominated the first for 18 minutes. Then lost focus and wound up down 2-0. 


After last year, the season has become an 82 game appetizer for the playoffs.  Doesn't matter if they get the #1 seed. Doesn't matter if Fleury finishes with a .925 SV % and 2.20 GAA. All about the playoffs this year.


For now though, let's sit back, relax and enjoy.

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Saw that Duper went down in the second and did not come back. Hope its nothing serious.   Word is that Neal may be back at practice tomorrow, THAT would be a big boost to Geno's line.   Maybe have him and Bennet back in the lineup by next weekend.

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Would be nice to get Geno rolling again. He doesn't seem to be self-sufficient at times. I'm not sure how much I buy into the "he needs two good wingers" theory so much because how is he missing so much on the power play? I think he's just on a rough skid right now.

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