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Flyers had offer sheet on table for PK (rumor)


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This is from March, but regardless it's interesting.






March 20, 2013   Hockeyy Insiderr   1 Comment


A source close to P.K. Subban advised me that the Canadiens`defenseman had an offer sheet on the table from the Philadelphia Flyers, while he was still an un-signed restricted free agent.


My source is not aware of the exact terms proposed to Subban, but he was told that the offer was for more than 5 years. What remarkable and absolutely shocking about this is how long this remained unknown by the public and media. In fact, PK kept this secret for a very long time, and my source explained me the reason.


I have been informed that the offer was put on the table around the 20th of January by Flyers GM Paul Holmgren. Subban did not sign the offer sheet, as he requested additional time to meditate and negotiate with the Montreal Canadiens. PK had his mind set on staying in Montreal; this being said the offer sheet remained on the table.


When Subban’s camp informed the Flyers that the likelihood of PK signing above the dotted line was small, but not null, Holmgren told Don Meehan (PK’s agent) that the offer will remain on the table. He also asked, if possible, to deal with this matter with the highest possible level of discreteness. Flyers had previously gotten Preds’ Shea Weber to sign an offer sheet in the summer, and Holmgren did not want to further cement his reputation as “the bad guy” in front of other GMs. Signing restricted free agents to offer sheets is legal, but frowned upon; it’s considered a “dirty” practice.


Of course, Habs brass were notified of the situation, but this was kept secret and surprisingly, hasn’t been leaked…until today. PK ended up re-signing in Montreal and the Flyers were left empty handed; one source in Philly confirmed the story after I took the oath of protecting her identity. She also told me that the Flyers had engaged in trade talks with the Montreal Canadiens for Subban’s services, but to no avail.


In the end, PK took a lot less money from the Habs than what was being offered by the Flyers. This speaks a lot about PK’s character and his love for the Canadiens organization and the city of Montreal. This also speaks volumes about Marc Bergevin, who remained adamant on offering PK a 2 year “bridge” contract despite Damocles’ sword hanging above his head.


Again, this story has been confirmed to me by 2 top sources, one in Montreal and one in Philly. Most of PK’s current teammates are even unaware of this situation.



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