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  1. Who is the worst choice on this list?? Then that will be the goalie for the flyers. History repeats itself
  2. that's so cute. Sounds like she won't be pushed around. they thought hockey is only fightingn, thats the best part. My little nephew went to 1st game year, he might have been 6, had the best saying ever "why dont those jerfferies have sticks"???? And everyone laughed
  3. With little kids, doesn't leave much time in the day for anything. We have a 5 yr old that likes getting up before 5. I never was a morning person. In college I was up at 5, only because we actually never went sleep. You'd notice the sun is up and it reminded you it was time to stop drinking. haha!
  4. I only watch the playoffs now, the regular season is rather boring now. You are right, I don't really have a "favorite team", root for the underdog, whoever that turns out to be. Unfortunately I don't have the time I used to yrs ago.
  5. That's a good prediction. I'm certain we will be the zero part. haha!
  6. To be a flyer fan you have to expect mediocrity, and the flyers surely deliver on that promise.
  7. flyers always have lots of excuses, now they are the choke-artist team
  8. the jackets were also a borderline playoff team, and they don't lose 5-0. Oh wait they have our goaltender, bobrovsky. Remember him?
  9. Come on you are going to blame one player for the team not "making it"?? He still had a good season regardless. your logic is flawed.

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