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Frustrated Cleary is Healthy Scratch


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Franzen is set to return which means Cleary will be a healthy scratch.


“My job each and every day is to put the best 20 guys in the lineup that I think can help us win today,” said Babcock, who made the decision to scratch Cleary from tonight’s lineup against the Winnipeg Jets at Joe Louis Arena.

“I’ve been with Clears for nine years, I know him well,” Babcock said. “There’s no one who’s a bigger fan of Dan Cleary than Mike Babcock. I imagine he’s very pissed off today and I don’t know what you want me to do about it.”

Cleary has struggled this season, compiling one goal with two assists in 18 games. He has one assist and an even plus/minus rating in the last 12 games.





I for one am glad Cleary chose Detroit.  ;)

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Cleary begged, borrowed, and stole his way into a new contract with the Red Wings.  He needs to prove that Ken Holland did not make a mistake.  If the man is not producing, he needs to sit.  Similarly, Johan Franzen should also see that as a warning.  I happen to know one particular Gustav Nyquist who has been itching to get back into the NHL face-off circle.  

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Cleary provides speed and energy and he is a Wing first and foremost. I love having him on the roster but he is not a top six forward anymore, those days are long gone.

  If he accepts the role as the 13th forward playing when others are injured or when a geezer like Alfie or Bert need a day off from a back to back game he is going to be fine. That is who he is at this point. You still need players like this.

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@yave1964  Agreed, though I've been concerned at his performance.  Even on the third line, Cleary should have a few more points than he does now.  I suppose his knees are acting up again, and the man is slowly breaking down.  Cleary's a warrior though.  He's always in there, which is why I'm glad he's still around.  He needs a nice long transition so he can successfully pass the torch

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