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What a bad non call- I'll take it


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  A fun game, (though admittedly not as fun as the Calgary and Vancouver game with their opening minute line brawl) was marred last night by one of the worst non calls I have ever seen. 

  The score was tied 1-1 when Jimmy Howard gave up a goal with 2 minutes to go. It looked like another spirited loss, God I am getting sick of those.

  A penalty on the Kings. A goalie pulled. Less than 30 seconds to go, Nick Kronwall who has been in one heck of an offensive slump let one rip after getting the puck from Zetterberg. The shot was deflected into the netting, came bouncing back down and hit Quick square on the back and rolled into the goal.


  Mickey Redmond, the wings colorful color man was beside himself. They showed it from every angle, it was blatant, it was obvious that the puck had hit the netting and come straight down in the flukiest way possible and should have been whistled down as out of play. I thought Drew Doughty was going to have an aneurism on the ice.

  The rule states for some reason that only the league office could possibly understand that this is non reviewable. I know, the reason is simple, Toronto reviews goal/no goal plays as in whether or not a puck crossed the net, not whether the ref should have blown a whistle.

  Then, the Wings actually won a game in a shootout. The Kings who had two points all wrapped up and ready to go home with instead settled for one.

  The ref's blew this plain and simple. It was their job to decide whether the puck crossed the line or not and somehow at the critical moment of the game they were already mentally already off the ice and somewhere else and let the goal count when it was clear to all nineteen thousand people watching that the puck hit the netting and clear to all who knows how many people at home saw the same thing. The home team announcer (Mickey) said they blew it for Gods sake.

  Throughout a season we all get hosed. It is part of the game but wow the Kings have every right to be upset. The good for them is they are sitting in third place in their division with a double digit lead over 4th place Phoenix. It is likely to have little effect on them throughout the course of thngs.

  Who should REALLY be upset are the other borderline contending teams in the East, The Jackets, Canes, Leafs, Flyers, teams that could have their playoff seeding or even whether they make the playoffs at all be decided by last nights non call.

  Say that you are the Carolina Hurricanes. On the last day of the regular season Detroit beats you out of a playoff position by one point, when the well earned loss of last night would have kept the Wings from getting two points and would have sent them home instead. Do you think this would give the Hurricanes a reason to be upset?

  A similar thing happened to the Kings a few years ago in a game against the Jackets in Los Angeles when the Kings were down a goal late and the clock started winding really, really, REALLY slow and the Kings tied and won the game in overtime. The fear at the time was this would get the Kings in and keep another worthy team out, which it did not, the Kings made it with plenty of room to spare, but this time, not jus the Kings but a whole mess of Eastern conference rivals will be watching the standings for quite some time keeping an eye on the outcome of this game with the understanding that this game could keep their club out of the playoffs in April.

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I am waiting to hear that Doughty is going to be fined for verbally abusing the referees for none of them making the correct call. That would be the icing on the cake for the Kings. Watching Babcock after the game in the interview saying he did not see it until the review was comical. The least you can do after such a travesty of a non-call is admit that they missed that one, not play dumb. That is the kind of thing that lowers my opinion of some coaches. Hartley and his BS about "I put my 4th line out to start the game because they have been playing well" falls into the same category. You put them out there to jump start your team, fine. But don't try and blow smoke up my ass and say you put Westgarth out to take his first draw EVER for his "inspired" play and scoring prowess...... :rolleyes:

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