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See, and then they play a game like THIS!


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WOW! What a hockey game that was! Chicago did not play their best game, but other than our goaltending, I think this might have been either our best or second-best effort this season. We played a great game.

What was odd was who the impact players were. Patty Eaves was all over the place! The puck was looking for him all night. I was very glad to see him in our shootout lineup. Babs is using the SO to reward players who are playing well, it seems. And Eaves came through. The goal he had in the first was a beauty! And desperately needed.

I gotta admit that when we got down 2-0, I thought we might fold. But I also agreed with Babcock's comments to Pierre--we WERE playing well, despite being down 2-0. And they didn't stop playing. Then to go down 3-2 and still...keep playing...and keep playing.

Quincey scored! Let me repeat that. Quincey scored! Quincey? Blind squirrel, perhaps? I will take it, though.

OH I wanted that tee-up giveaway by Smith in the 3rd that allowed the shot to tie it up back! DANG! So close to a regulation win against Chicago. As much promise as we've been giving to him, it's amazing how fast DDK has progressed to surpass his play. DDK was not mistake-free, but at least he came up with 2 really obvious plays where he almost certainly saved a goal. Toews had him beat on that golden opportunity in the 3rd, but he got to him JUST in time to tie him up to prevent an easy redirect into an open net. I thought it was in for sure. Be still my heart!

The kids played their guts out. So many good plays and by just about all the kids, and especially the little battles--the ones we don't usually win. I am very glad that the kids had this experience--of being down against a great opponent, but retaining the drive to play well and being rewarded. Really important for their confidence. This was a GREAT game for their development. They need to remember this game.

Monster was not that. He looked rusty, but he came up big in the SO (except on Toews, when his jock was hanging from the rafters--Toews looked like Datsyuk on that one!). I was concerned with his double save on Kane's attempt, praying that he didn't reinjure his groin. That's just the kind of motion that can finish off a groin. WHEW!

Helm was giving them trouble. He is our answer to Saad. He had some really good opportunities. I don't think his line was as good overall, but he leaves it all on the ice the way he plays; he and Tatar.

How long before people, including NBC announcers, stop being surprised about Tatar? The kid's got skills. He displays them just about every game. He gives effort and heart every single game. I'm really enjoying watching him.

And you could see his recognition in the game when he had the opportunity to shoot the puck and he passed instead that he sometimes just needs to shoot. The NBC cameras caught him already talking to himself about it, and I'm sure Z probably said something to him, but what was cool is that he didn't NEED to. He was already learning himself. Refreshing. For so long, the Wings have been described as the veterans having to teach the kids, and we know it's true. But there's also an aspect of learning where ya just gotta do it yourself. Tatar and DDK seem to get it. Not sure Brendan Smith does. Perhaps that's the difference.

Overall, the scoring and high level of play coming from unexpected people made the difference in this game. Quite frankly, the only serious chance of the Red Wings making an impact this year depends largely on these other players continuing to do what they did last night. Hope Babs and the Wings leadership can use this game as a template for future expectations.

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What a spirited game! The key will be how we respond against Montreal on Friday, an obvious let down game if ever there were one and then again on Sunday against the Panthers. Four points out of the weekend would go a long way towards getting the season back on track.

  As far as last night, WHEW!!! Glad to see Eaves play such a great game, totally agree with everything you said about the club playing a solid game. Falling behind 2-0 it would have been easy for the kids to have given up and roll over but wow what a game. The Monster was rusty but good enough.

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@Chicago Hawkie


Joel Quenneville also mentioned that the Hawks didn't play the way they should.  I really didn't see too many faults in their game.  It looked like Crawford really couldn't close that hole over his shoulder.  The WIngs hit him again and agian, even in the shootout.  But the skaters looked fine to me.  The more glaring errors were on the Wings side, which Chicago clearly took advantage of.  

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When I heard Quennville say that, I thought exactly the same thing. Maybe a slight edge to Detroit's skaters on a few of the puck battles--they were playing with drive that night--but no major deficiency in play by the Hawks.

Then again, we forget what it is like to have a team that ROUTINELY scores 4.5 goals per game, and perhaps their standard is a bit higher than ours is, eh? I remember the days when that was true of our team. Now, the only way to get there is to work hard and with focus. Chicago may be there.

If that was a "bad" game, I'd hate to play them when they are playing "well."

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