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Really, really worried about this road trip...


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Start off losing to Vancouver, tomorrow we play Anaheim (who has our number). Phoenix could go either way. The lack of mastery over west coast teams makes me feel the Blues' Cup chances are VERY suspect.

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   Halak played a great game, 34 saves, they just couldn't get the offense rolling.


  I keep hearing the Ryan Miller to the Blues thing but have never understood it, A top six forward easily seems the teams biggest need, I love guys like Sobotka and Roy but they seem to be slightly out of their roles, Roy should be a third liner who plays top minutes on the power play, Sobotka works best as one of the top pests in the game following other clubs top lines around. Adding a top six scorer would allow everyone else to go to their natural roles, which I feel is a more pressing need than Miller.

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I think Miller would cost too much for the seemingly little return we'd get. You're right about a scorer- the Blues are composed of good little worker bees with no superstar in sight.


Yes, you're right; however, the Blues have had this tendency to slump in weird, weird ways. We can clobber Colorado, we can beat Chicago, but The Kings and the Ducks mystify us, and the Canucks have beat us three times. The Blues haven't had a real losing streak this season, but the record against West Coast teams is abysmal. That is who would be in the way of a Cup.

And i PRAY the Blues won't be first overall, as that President's trophy is a CURSE.

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