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Blackhawks still havent replaced Dave Bolland


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Dave Bolland, the best third line center in the game during his time in Chicago who was stretched to the max playing as a second liner but gave it everything he had while in Chicago, was dealt to the Leafs in the offseason. The Hawks have tried desperately to replace him since then.


  Andrew Shaw was given every chance to take the role but has been inconsistent at best. Patrick Kane early in the year was given the shot and he proved why he is one of the best right wings in hockey but while he can play a bit of center he is not the answer.

  Brandon Pirri was just donated to Tallon and the Panthers after coming up short in the role.Marcus Kruger has 6 goals in 62 games and is better suited to the fourth line.

  Michael Handzus who was last years trade deadline hero who played great hockey in the post season has 4 goals and has been very inconsistent and injured for part of the year.


  The newest latest and greatest attempt to fill the role is Peter Regin who has 3 goals all year and was having a difficult time earning playing time with the lowly Islanders. After a decent rookie year in 2009-10 (13 goals plus 10) he has a whopping 8 goals TOTAL over the past four years.


  The other player acquired from the Isles Pierre-Marc Bouchard has been banished to the AHL and is technically listed as a center but has not really played there in the past five or six years and while he has a scoring touch he is fragile and known to play a soft game.

  My opinion is Steve Ott would have been the best fit for this club, their rival in St. Louis getting him does two things, it adds to the Blues and keeps him from filling a perfect role for the Hawks.

  I know that the deadline is days away, my opinion is that while I love the Hawks they really need to address the second line center to go deep in the postseason. They are very vulnerable at that key position. They really miss Bolland even more than they thought they would.


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@yave1964  Totally agree with your take on Bolland. Some think he was over-rated in Chicago...I think the opposite, he was not appreciated enough. He's perfect for a 3rd line role, but I see him as having the ability make the jump to top 6 forward. Having a defensively responible 2nd line center, that's not the end of the world, I think he can play on Toronto's second line. He's blocked by Kadri and Bozek. For the life of me, I can't see why the Leafs consider Bozek a front line center...except for the fact Mr.Kessel demands he play with him....ha ha. Kadri is so hot and cold, I can see him drawing some 3rd line duties, although his hustle, or lackthereof on defense may preclude him.

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