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If the playoffs started today...


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via twitter:


If the playoffs began today, the top three teams in fighting majors would all be in (Bos, Phi, Tor) and the bottom three out (Det, NJ, Car)



We all read our opinions of fighting in the other thread... but is this a coincidence or is there more to team "bonding and chemistry" throughout the season that should be given credit towards team toughness via fighting?

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  That is what I have been saying about the Wings, they lack character and an identity right now especially without Pavel and Z. Not that those two fight but they define the roster. Without them, like I posted elsewhere this is now Johan Franzen's team.

  As far as the kids, Nyquist and Tatar are not fighters and never will be, Glendening is king of a pest but just a semi skilled fourth liner. Pulkinnen tees off and lets the shot rip, one heck of a slapper but not a fighter. Same with Jurco. Sheahan has the size but has not shown the propensity to fight.

  Grit and sandpaper and quality on the blue line are what Holland desperately needs to add in the summer.


  New Jersey added Clowe and Jagr, neither big fighters and lost Clarkson, Carolina added four foot two Nathan Gerbe and traded tough guy Gleason. All three clubs are on the fringe though Carolina is on life support and the Devils are hanging on by their fingernails.


   Boston, the Flyers and the Leafs all use fisticuffs as part of their style and it works for them. 

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