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What does it take to be considered a "Rebuild"?

J0e Th0rnton

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In lieu of Doug Wilson's stupid comments recently, he talks about how the Sharks are going into full rebuild mode. mentioned handing the team over to Pavelski, Couture, Hertl, Vlasic, Nieto, Mueller, Braun. Went on to point at how Chicago and LA had to miss the playoffs for up to 5-6 years to complete their rebuild, and that the Sharks have never done one and are entering that phase for the first time and hoping it does not take that long. Emphasis on letting the kids play, meaning Mueller and Tierney likely get called up and forced into a role they may not be ready for.


Claimed some of the "Veterans" with no movement clauses might not want to stick around this rebuilding phase since they will not be trying to win a cup. Sounds to me like Wilson trying to convince Marleau and Thornton to waive their full NMC's


That brings me to the question. What does a rebuild entail to you?


To me a rebuild has always been a "blow the whole thing up", type scenario. You keep the best of your young players, and trade everyone else for prospects and picks. Sell em for the future unless they are young enough to be part of when the future prospects and picks get good enough for you to be a contender.


When I think of retooling, it would be the transfering out of a few key players, while bringing in a few key players, but most of the core stays. Sometimes it involves a blockbuster trade. Or a few key free agent acquisitions, while letting other players walk.


Then there is tweaking. Which is keeping the core of the team intact, but fiddling around the edges.


How in gods name can the Sharks be entering a rebuild phase if they are dead set on keeping Couture, Pavelski, Vlasic and have strong young talent like Nieto, Hertl, Braun? And can't force the Veterans out with their full No movement clauses? No movement means they cannot be sent to the minors, waived, or anything but healthy scratched.


Guys who are RFA but were not on the untouchables list, Wingels is 25 and just had his first full season, scoring 38 points. They just told the media they want to resign Sheppard and did just resign Brown(???) and Stalock. Demers is just hitting his prime at age 25 and had his best season to date. Burns they did not mention, but exclaimed that he was being moved back to defense where they signed him for, which indicates to me they are keeping him. Let's assume that Kennedy, Burish and Stuart are gone.


So, assuming Thornton and Marleau say "too bad, not waiving" and they strip them of their letters, powerplay time, and offensive minutes to give it to the younger generation, but cannot send them to the minors, and if the top half of the Roster looks something like this next season:





and somewhere below them on the bottom 6 are Thornton/Marleau


With the defensive pairings still having Vlasic/Burns/Demers/Braun and, let's say, Mueller and Tennyson


and Stalock in net, who is an upgrade over Niemi.


Is that rebuilding to you? Does the team just automatically suck because they are trying to? Even though they have only gotten rid of guys like Boyle/Stuart?


To me, it sounds like Doug Wilson is blowing smoke to try to get Thornton to waive.


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To me, a 'rebuild is what a team does by falling on hard times and attempting through the draft and shrewd maneuvering to regain respectability. The Flames, Oilers, Panthers and several others fall into this category.


  A retool is when a perennial firepower changes out a few aging pieces or sends a number three d-man for a needed number two center. Boston, Pittsburgh, several others fall into this category.


  I personally do not believe the Sharks fall into either category.


 For years, the 'one more piece' was added to the team, a Boyle, a Brent Burns, Havlat, the piece that was going to get them over the top. Being generous it has been a mixed bag.

  Now Wilson is talking about trading one or two of the star players to fill several holes, closer in line to the retool, IMHO but to me it is more of an entire situation. Lets call it the blow up.

  I cannot fault Wilson. A high salary of marketable players getting long in the tooth,  who have been an early out way too often lately. I personally think it is time to do what he is talking, blow the damn thing up and see what you have when it is over.

  Lets look not at next year but 2 or three years down the road. Star players Marleau and Thornton will clearly be in decline, think of the Calgary Flames, they held onto Iginla and Kipper too long and got nothing for them. And now they have went from retool to rebuild by doing so.

  San Jose has some young talent but the majority of the roster, from star players to role players are on the wrong side of thirty and have given the fans heartburn. I agree with Wilson, waiting too long will absolutely ruin the franchise. This cast of characters had their chance and didn't get it done. It is time to start over by blowing up the roster, I am not talking about giving the players away for 30 dollars worth of beads but trading Marleau and Thornton for other star players is in my opinion the best thing for the organization. Unless a few years down the road you want to be Calgary.

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@J0e Th0rnton


I think what I meant to say when I said blow up the team would actually be better phrased as 'shuffling the deck'. I understand love of a favorite player, if/when Zetterberg moves on it will be pure agony here in the York residence, for both the wife and I. But the Sharks aint getting it done and aren't getting younger. Wilson should have never given them a full no trade clause. Very dumb move.

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Okay, reshuffling the deck....


Nashville has never had a true number one center. If Thornton were to waive his NTC and was dealt for Shea Weber, could you honestly say the Sharks would not be a better team? They have forwards coming out of the woodwork and a pedestrian defense. Weber logging 25-26 minutes a night in all kinds of situations would absolutely make the Sharks better. And truthfully, with Josi and Jones as comers on the back end ready to take the next step, the Predators would be a better team. Win win for both. That is the type of deal I would look into. Not Marleau or Thornton for a prospect and a pick. They have tremendous value, fill out your current roster by dealing one of them, or even both. They had a chance time to move on.

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