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Possibilites Using Free Agency @ Forward

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It was mentioned time and again all season last year: Minnesota needs another scoring forward.

And it was  heard left and right, how Thomas Vanek would end up with the Wild.


Certainly Vanek has the sort of skill set Minnesota is looking for: offensive minded, can handle the puck very well in and around the net, good skater, and just right age to join a group that has designs on being a Stanley Cup contender.

He also possesses the ability to finish off plays when given scoring chances....something the Wild were sorely lacking last season, despite the fact the team had some good offensive players on the roster.


For whatever reason, they just couldn't seal the deal and many very good chances went by the wayside.


But with Vanek's performance these past playoffs and the fact that Vanek may very well want the moon in any contract (both in terms of $$$ and term), I wonder if the Wild really would want to bring him onboard.


It occured to me a guy like Mike Cammalleri, who is still quite available, being a UFA from Calgary, may fit the bill just as well......probably even at a lower cost dollar-wise, and since he is 2 yrs older than Vanek (32), the length of tenure may not have to be as long.

Just throwing numbers out there, but perhaps a $4- $5 mil deal for about 3 years for Cammalleri?

I am thinking Vanek will probably cost $6-7 mil and probably 5+ yrs.


And in looking at the two players' numbers and in watching both play, its not like Minnesota would be 'settling' for a lesser player in Cammalleri.

I think he measures up quite well in all phases of the game as Vanek...giving Vanek perhaps a slight edge in pure offense.


But Cammalleri also brings a two way game, PP ability, leadership, durability, and consistancy.

Not to mention that he did play in Calgary and Los Angeles before playing for the Habs, so he is familiar not only with the Western Conference, but with the rigors of the Western travel schedule.


What say you, @hf101  , @BorntobeWild11 ? Or anyone else @jammer2  , @Vanflyer  , @yave1964  ?

Should Minnesota really want to add another scoring forward, would Mike Cammalleri be a very good (if not better alternative) to Thomas Vanek?


Or maybe there is someone else that would fit even better with this team?

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Hmm...then there is this, from NHL.com




Seems the Wild are having a look to see if Jarome Iginla is a fit.


Compared to Vanek and Cammalleri, Iginla should NOT require a long term deal, as he is already 37.

But what would be the annual for him on a 1 or 2 yr deal?


The man can obviously still play (61 pts in 78 games for the Bruins last season) and is suited more to a defensively structured team like Minnesota ....such as he had in Calgary before his departure there and where he played in Boston, as opposed to a more free flowing offensive team such as Pittsburgh.


On a two year max deal, I wouldn't mind having Iginla as not only can he still play offense, but is reponsible defensively, can definitely still work his way towards the net in high traffic, can brings lots of toughness and leadership.

However...that annual cost....Minnesota will be near the cap limit, so that will be a major concern.

Also, if the Wild DO have a shot at Mike Cammalleri, do they bypass that for a short term gain with Iginla?



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I don't see the Wild going after any of the FA's who are looking for that $$payday.  They need to sign a D-Man as I haven't heard yet but it looks like both Stoner and Prosser will / could be Free Agents.  They also really don't need a top 6 forward.  But I could also see them going after a bottom 6 guy like Brian Boyle, Dominic Moore, Steve Ott maybe??

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