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Other options besides Dan Cleary


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Dan Cleary was put in the lineup the other day by Babs and he scored a goal after sitting in the pressbox/washing Babcocks car or something for the first ten games. It was nice to see him out there for 8 or 9 minutes of ice time but he has shown over the past two years that his knees are gone, he may have a huge heart, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. So it made me think, when kids like Jurco are out of sorts or vets need a night off, who would i rather see the Wings turn to than Dan Cleary going forward?

I came up with a list of ten off the top of my head.

1. Most of the kids at Grand Rapids, Callahan, Pulkinnen and the rest.

2. Anthony Mantha as he comes back from his broken leg. Moe Mantha. Syl Mantha. Now I know Moe retired in 1993 and Syl Mantha died in 1974 but Moe has a cool name and Syl may be dead but he is in the hall of fame.

3. Bill Cleary. Won a Olympic Gold with the USA in 1960, at 80 years old still gets around better than Dan. With his walker.

4. My two year old grandson. He cannot skate yet, but neither can Cleary.

5. Bring Yzerman out of retirement.

6. Todd Bertuzzi and Steve Moore splitting the shift for an undisclosed amount of time each.

7. Mr. Freeze from the Batman movies and comics.

8. Just play a man short during his scheduled shifts and leave the roster spot vacant.

9. The Ghost of Christmas past.

10. Loraine Newman. About halfway thru the game let Babcock send her home and put Cleary in and that way Babs can say, "I can see Cleary now that Loraine is gone."

Other than the above list, I think that Cleary is a fine option on games that we play when there is a full moon or on leap years with odd numbers.

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I thought you had a completely serious post until you suggested Bill Cleary.  Thanks for the laugh this Wednesday AM.


In all seriousness, I still don;t know why Weiss is stuck in Grand Rapids when Dan Cleary gets to play in the NHL.  I'm not saying Weiss is a superstar, but hes got to be better than ol' number 17, I mean 71, I mean 11, or whatever number he's wearing this week.


You're right, the man has heart but the knees are gone.  Like Jake Taylor in Major League.  But what is so wonderful about the man's grit and determination that makes it a worthy substitution for speed and likely more points on the ice?


Figure that one out and you get yourself a nice prize

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