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DC Fan Bar


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Hattrick's is pretty nice.


Been there a few times when I lived in FL....pretty nice atmosphere, obviously Lightning fans are the majority, but because FL is a transplant state, fans of many other teams, particularly the bigger market teams, find their way in there and some good natured ribbing can possibly ensue...all good stuff.

Caps fans are usually well represented at both Amalie arena and the Hattrick's Sports Bar.


Food is reasonably priced and tasty and the drinks are pretty good too.


107 S. Franklin Street, Tampa, FL...I would say it is about three blocks north and about two blocks west of the hockey arena.

Easily walking distance, especially given the Tampa Bay area's relatively nice weather during hockey season as opposed to somewhere like St. Paul, MN where I have to go see my games live now ;) .


Enjoy your game...but GO BOLTS!

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My brother and I have tickets right behind the bench for the Caps game next weekend. Does anyone know of a Tampa friendly bar in DC we can drink at before the game?

I lived in DC for a long time, I can't really say that I knew of any bars where Florida sports fans in particular tended to hang out. DC is incredibly transient, almost everyone you meet is from somewhere else so there's a pretty good chance that any sports bar downtown will have fans from all over the place (the suburbs are more locals). The arena is right at Metro Center which is the big hub for the subway system right downtown so there should be a bunch of places in the area.

When I lived there I used to go to the Cleveland Park Bar and Grill all the time to watch games, but I lived in the neighborhood. It's actually on the Red Line so not a long metro ride to Metro Center, but still, you might want to be closer to the arena before the game.

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My apologies guys....I COMPLETELY misread what was being asked when I posted.


I was thinking you were going to Tampa Bay to see the Caps play......ooops.


Nothing to see in my  post then...move along....errrr, but if you DO happen to be in the Tampa Bay area and want a neat sports bar, then  Hattrick's will do the....uuhhhhh, Hat trick, for ya! ;)

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