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Brush with greatness


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On Nov.15,1995 myself and 2 buddies caught an Oilers/ Habs game.

Anyways one of my buddies workmates heard he was taking in the game and she was too and that she had a cousin who worked for the Habs, she asked if we would like to meet him.


The guy? Montreals GM Rejean Houle .

So went to Edmontons Hotel Mcdonald....we had the room #....knocked on the door and there he was. So I punched him square in the head!!!

Haha...no I didnt.

He welcomed us into his room and asked us if we would like a pop (beer).

Why sure!!!! It was horse piss Molson Canadiens but whatever.

One of my buddies who is a big Habs fann just jizzed his pants.

So we hung around...he told a few stories...had some horse piss to drink...took a few pics (of which I will hunt down and try to post) and we were off after an hour and a half.

Nice guy. He owed us nothing, yet he gave us his time.Super nice guy.

Anybody else get to meet some NHL brass or players?

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Ted Lindsay (family function), Rick Tocchet (hotel in Toronto), Borje Salming (used to live in same neighborhood in Toronto ran into him several times, super nice guy), Wayne Gretzky(had a beer with him in Montreal super nice guy), Mike Gartner (lives here see him often super nice guy), Doug Shedden (used to live here), Eddie Shack(ran into him 3 times at restaurant/bar/golf), Eric Lindros (got a card autographed when he played for the Shwa and he actually wasn't a jerk), Jeff O'Neill (nephews friend), Mike Gillis (nephews agent) Brian Kilrea( had several beers with him in his bar in Ottawa), Jim Hamilton (used to live here) Stompin Tom (stayed at my sisters motel when we were there  ;)  ) various Barrie Colts turned NHLers (Ekblad, Scheifele, Little) off the top of my head.


Hockey players in general are a lot more like the average Joe than other pro athletes, stars etc.

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I have played in games agains tthe Flyers alumni and all of those guys are just great dudes.   The last one the players from both teams had a private room afterwards and we all got to drink and eat together and it was hysterical.   Every single Flyer was gracious and thankful for the event and the stories were some of the best I ever heard...


Propp is like meeting a saleman...  he is incredibly nice and really loves to chat w/ the kids.   My son was in awe when he met Propp b/c I was such a big fan back in the day...   Joe Watson was hysterical as well.   They might be old now but those old guys can still play!


I also had the chance to spend a few hours with Peter Zezel who might be one of the classiest guys I have ever met...  He was helping w/ a fundraiser in my hometown for a friend who needed a heart transplant.   My father and mother were taken back at how nice of a guy he was...   As kids we were all star-struck but he really was just a regular guy...   As you can imgaine a heart transplant is a very expensive thing and he ended up paying all of the medical bills and medicine for the family.  He became close w/ that family and unfortunately the our friend passed from heart failure.   To this day I have a Zezel photo that is signed that sits in my office.   He was an absolute class act...


I was able to share a few beers w/ Foppa downtown when he was first traded here and he was awesome to talk to... we actually sat at the bar with him for a little he was just a real nice guy and he even picked up the bar tab.  

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My wife and I were eating dinner and he came in and sat beside us. He had some bimbo with him. Drove up in a Prowler. Had the whole room laughing, even when he wasn't trying. Theres a guy who doesn't believe in incognito.


My buddy has a Montreal Canadiens golf bag (yes its hideous) While playing all of a sudden you hear this guy screaming across the fairway "What did you lose a bet?" Here comes Shack. He threw every insult he could think of at that bag. We had a pretty good laugh.

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