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Hoping to see Mrazek Thursday


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This is a team that long ago gave up (Arizona) who traded away all of the real talent. I mean, Arcobello? Moss? Most of these guys are 13th forwards and good AHLers. And they had lost 8 in a row.

We never led.

I know we carried the puck, we outshot them nearly 2-1 we got a point that will help us gain a playoff spot. I don't care.


Getting past worried about it and into sick of it. looking like a four or five game out. Something better give soon.

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And the Howard roller coaster continues! I'm so tired of but those weren't his fault. Crap even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

You could shoot beach balls at him and he's not saving it.

It's near impossible for a goalie to play 60+ minutes and not have a save pct higher than .773.

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