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Darnell Nurse looking great at camp

JR Ewing

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There are some big superlatives being thrown Nurse's way: according to Bruce McCurdy of the Edmonton Journal:


Is easily the most dynamic pure athlete Oilers have drafted since Taylor Hall, or maybe since Mark Messier. This is one interesting player to watch as he imposes himself on the action, with or without the puck. He has All-World wheels and surely projects to be one of the fastest rearguards in the NHL. Among this group, when he decides to join a rush he goes from “trailer” to “extra winger” in about two powerful strides. On the defensive side of the puck, Nurse decisively ended one two-on-two drill with a booming check that rattled the side wall, not to mention the body of the unfortunate recipient, Connor Rankin. It was by far the biggest jolt delivered by anyone over the two days, and had the crowd hooting and hollering. There is no denying Nurse’s considerable talent, the only questions about his NHL-readiness revolve around his ability to read the game and to re-calibrate his risk/reward assessments at the pro level. Once he figures out when to be proactive and when “less is more”, he’s going to be some kind of player. He’s more than ready to turn pro now, and may be in the NHL to stay sooner than later.




Oh, and McCurdy had some good things to say about some kid named McDavid:


Impresses first and foremost with his ultra-elite, A++ skating skills. His agility is off the charts, as as displayed in some of the “step” drills designed by Pelletier. He’s shown relatively little evidence of his famous sixth gear as the circumstances have rarely called for it — he could skate circles around these guys for fun, but there’s little point in proving it more than occasionally. One such occasion was when he ripped up the ice on a one-on-two drill, burning both defencemen in turn before getting stuffed on a point-blank shot that had the crowd buzzing. Kid was apparently born with skates on his feet, a hockey stick in his hands, and a puck on that stick.



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This goes along with what Peter Chiarelli said, when asked his impression of camp, when he said that watching McDavid, Nurse and Draisaitl gave him chills.

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