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Michael Grabner

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It sure seems like Michael Grabner is the odd man out on the Islanders roster. He only played 34 games last year (partially due to injury), and has never put up huge offensive numbers. His skating still seems to be pretty good (and by that I mean, he's still damn fast), but it looks like his time is over, especially considering he is in the last year of his deal.


So, what do you think will happen with him? Does he stay with the team until the season starts? Is he traded mid season? Is he traded at the deadline? Do the Islanders keep him the whole year in hopes that he contributes in a playoff run?


And if he is traded, what are they likely to get for him? Let's assume he's healthy and producing the same rate he has in the past.

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@teenagemutantninjahertl  I don't think the Islanders trade him...he much to valuable on the pk unit. If he's gone, the team loses speed, smarts and work ethic....his cap hit reasonable and he is part of the glue that binds.

He's on the last year of his deal and will ask for more money. He's losing some speed due to injury. He only played in 34 games. I think a trade is possible, not likely. You could get speed back for him. A lot of times, you can trade a guy like Grabner for a younger version of himself. Definitely possible. 


Remember the Islanders have traded a lot of picks lately. If he can get them more than a second rounder, I think they bite on that trade.

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18 minutes ago, musky said:

yhry should have givin him a fare chance look at him now.


I forgot about this trade.  

Grabner to the  Maple Leafs for five players.

Forwards Carter Verhaeghe and Taylor Beck, defensemen Tom Nilsson and Matthew Finn, and goaltender Christopher Gibson.

 - Verhaeghe and Gibson are with the Tigers.  Where are the others?



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