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Scott Laughton

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So, it looks like Laughton really bulked up over the summer. Watch this video and wait until Laughton comes on. He looks like he added significant mass to his frame.





With the current slate of contracts the Flyers have now he will start off on the Phantoms to start (which will be good for him) and will maybe earn sometime later when injuries pop up.


I'd like all these kids to get to play together on the Phantoms till at least January so they can find some good chemistry together...and when he has no choice i expect Hexy to move out the guys needed to get these kids on the Flyers in due time.


I hope the kids play so well Hexy will have no choice but to figure out a way and trade off some of these contracts if for nothing else future picks.

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Laughton does like like a man-beast compared to the rest of those kids - lol.   Not sure if that translates to an everyday position on the Flyers roster but glad to see he is working hard.  It would be nice for him to come out and play well in camp - make it tough on Hextall to send him back to the A.   

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