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NHL Plus-Minus stats, top 50 All Time


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   First off, found this cool hockey site, quanthockey.....very nice steamlined site with easy to read straight forward info.




  This top 50 all time list was a bit surprising, actually plesantlly surprising stats if yoiu are a Flyers fan. No less than 1/5 th of the list of 50 are former Flyers, 10 out of 50....an amazing stat when you think about it.



 5th) Bobby Clarke +506

11th) Brad McCrimmon +444

12th) Mark Howe +400

24th) Bill Barber +316

25th) Brian Propp + 310

27th) Andre Dupont +299

29th) Jim Watson +295

42nd) Peter Forsberg + 238 (Peter paid me to post this, turns out he was out of the press for to long  :)

47th) Ken Linseman +224 (watta ya know, 2/3rd of the famous Rat Patrol line, in the top 50!

50th) Eric Lindros +215


 Was cool that Mark Howe was way far ahead of any other American counterpart on this list. Is it time to start talking abot Mark as the best all round American to play in the NHL?


 I must say, after decades of watching Clarke slip from the top 10 all time in points to way down the list into the 40's....it is GREAT to see Bobby deadlocked in there at +506 for 5th best of all time.....he was surpassed many times in points.....but this plus minus thing, it is staying for a  LONG, LONG time!!

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  One name on the list that sticks out is Scott Stevens. Yeah, he was a great two way d-man, who supplied many points.....but I do think most would agree, Scott was defense first defenseman if the points came, it was a bonus. He did top 50 pts 8 times in his great career, but the fact he is 14th all time is a defenitive testament to what a STINGY brand of defense this guy kicked out on a nightly basis. That is just sick....14th all time for Scott with a very impressive + 393.

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When you realize plus minus is more of a measure of the team...then you realize Bourque was on an mostly average bruins team yet is still top 3 in plus minus.


Really shows how much of a well rounded defenseman he was.

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