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Does the N.H.L. have an e-mail?


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I don't know how many of you posters out there are on an Apple computer running OSX and Safari (latest ver.) but there must be some. I have a recurring issue with the NHL website where randomly I cannot access their site at all. It is quite an annoyance  :angry: . The odd thing is, I have a direct link to the Leafs website which can be accessed from the main NHL site, and it works fine.


All I want to do is send the NHL website admins an e-mail to tell them this. Anybody else out there have this issue, or is it unique to me?  :thumbsd:

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Thanks hf101. I appreciate the link but it made me laugh....


I went to the link which worked fine, filled out the form, wrote a long description in detail of the issue, pressed "Send" and..........   nothing.  :lol:


No matter how many times I clicked...  :angry:  :lol:


Thanks anyway. I will try again when the site is working.

I THINK it may have something to do with AdBlock but I wanted to find out for sure....

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