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Perry Nabs First Goal of Season


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I haven't been on much lately, just because I'm flat out busy with work and we are getting into playoffs of high school football down here, and that had taken my free time writing about it.

Saw this article today and not only did I like it because it's about Anaheim, but because I love the story it tells.


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Ducks, Bolts, Pens...


Three teams that should absolutely be at the top of the league in scoring have this mysterious ailment that prevents them from doing so.

At some point, all three are gonna need to have that "wake up" game. Too much offensive talent on these three for them NOT to.


You know the game.....the one where they remember they are supposed to be offensive juggernauts. And then the proverbial, biblical, and stereotypical floodgates open.

Bolts tease, but haven't gotten there yet....Pens are still sleepwalking offensively........maybe the Ducks got there with the Perry play against the Panthers last night.


On top of that, Ducks should get a recovered Ryan Getzlaf, Andersen will play lights out....and I will look like a complete imbecile for dropping both Andersen and Getzlaf from my FHL roster... :lol:


But until then, Ducks have work to do....maybe Perry leads the way moving forward....we will see.

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