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Who clocks ice times? Timing the shifts of close to 40 players seems to me to be a complicated job.

How do they do it?


The architect of the matrix.   ;) 


Okay maybe not. The players are all microchipped, and they move past an RFID scanner everytime they leave and return to the bench. :thumbsu:


Scratch that. Maybe there's a person devoted to clocking the ice time of one individual player throughout the game? Good question.

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Rule 37 - Real Time Scorers

37.1 General Duties – The duty of the Real Time Scorers is to correctly record electronically all of the required data concerning the performances of the individual players and the teams. This data shall be compiled and recorded in strict conformity with the instructions provided by the League.

37.2 Real Time Scorers – There shall be appointed for duty at every game played in the League the following Real Time Scorers:

(i) Shot Scorer

(ii) Action Scorer

(iii) Penalty Scorer

(iv) Time on ice – Home

(v) Time on ice – Visitor

(vi) Spotter

37.3 Reports – Reports shall be generated during the first and second intermissions (and subsequent intermissions during the playoffs) and post-game for each game played. Reports are distributed to the home club’s Public Relations representative by the Scoring System Manager or his/her designate. The home club’s Public Relations representative shall distribute reports to the media (print/radio/tv) and to each club’s Coaches.

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