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Forget Gleason's article on the Pegula's, goaltending is the big question

Buffalo Rick

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Bucky Gleason has some reasonable points as far as ownership, but the alternative is gloomy.  They saved both of our teams.  So leave them alone and go back to your desk.  The Bills headaches are far different than the Sabres.  The Sabres have a real coach.  And a promising young team.  Goaltending is going to be the huge question.  Now this Leyner is practicing and ready to go.  I expect he could play in Washington tonight?  I know if you can practice, you can play.  So soon we get a look at this guy and I must commend the efforts of Johnson and Ullmark.  They did not let us down.  When we lose we do not lose 6-1 like some teams out there.  We are usually in it like we were in the Washington game and Holtby was fabulous.  It appears Miller has been benched  in Vancouver as a scapegoat for a bad team.   The other guy was shallacked by the Kings two nights ago and it was a joke.  Miller likely is not happy being there now.  i am for bringing him back if he would come back next year and if the Sabres would have him.  He is a far better choice than many out there and he is still at an age where he can be very good.  I know what he can do.  I have no clue what this Lehner can do but my guess is he will be average at best.  The Sabres know they must allow time for guys like Reinhart, Eichel and others to develope.  I say it will happen within the next two years at most.  They will be and are very good players and can be superstars in this league.  I am not sure about the goalies but Johnson right now has my vote to be kept on, even as a backup if they go out and get another proven goalie?

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