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Leafs Trade Nothing for Nothing.


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If you are referring to the Morin-Panik deal, I will reiterate what I posted in the shoutbox:


Don't know about morin, but the panik pickup by the hawks is interesting: panik was an excellent ahl farmhand for tb and played ok his first go-round with the team....only for his performance to take an absolute nosedive, thus he was traded to toronto, and now to the hawks. many believe the key to panik is in his own head. if the hawks can unlock this guy from his neutral gear, they may end up with a 2nd line 50-60 point a year guy who is only 24 years old.


Basically, I feel the Hawks may have gotten the better end of this, small though it may be, AND provided Morin doesn't have similar long shot upside. Thing is, the Hawks already have a good, solid team, and can afford to have Richard Panik on board even if he struggles....whereas the Leafs, trying to build, get better and move up in the standings next year, CANNOT afford another dud player to add to the mix.

So if both Panik and Morin really are 'nothing for nothing' as the thread title suggests, Chicago can just brush it off, while Toronto continues to look for good long term players.

I know Leaf fans haven't seen it (truthfully, most TB fans haven't either), but Syracuse and Norfolk fans can tell ya that at his best, Richard Panik is a combination of Claude Lemieux and Nathan Horton.

That is to say, a relatively big bodied guy (6'2 210) who can skate, snipe, and set up, all while getting under the ever loving skin of his opponents....and a guy not above delivering a cheap shot or three if he really needed to. Of course, he did LOTS of all that in the AHL, just a bit with the Lightning in the NHL, and well, not a whole lot of anything after that.

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@TropicalFruitGirl26 Yes, that was the trade I was referring to lol.  :ahappy:

I had Panik on my DE spreadsheet as a scratch and I wondered where the heck he was. He played a lot for the Leafs last season if I recall. Oh well. To me, these minor league deals are so dull. It's basically "news" in the absence of real news. :)

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