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My solution to keeping a lead

Guest BobDailey

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Take Guy Bouchers 1-3-1 system and clog up the middle and make it kitty bar the door when you are up 2 goals. You dont have to agressively forecheck with the lead and they are putting the whistle away, there is a lot more contact and interference allowed than there was 3-4 years ago.

Let someone else try to break the trap, slow the game down to a crawl, clog it up a like the arteries of an old man who ate potatoes kielbasa and cheese at every meal and win the game and the cup.

Nothing wrong with throwing up a wall when there is something to protect

And ALWAYS have one man in front of the net until the zone is cleared 100%

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I thought that was one of the problems they seemed to clear the zone and put the puck over the Hawks blue line and needed to be more aggressive in trying to add to the lead with so much time left.

I believe in the NHL today no lead is safe and you still need to try to score goals till time i son your side.

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An interesting idea - but it would mean a complete 180 to how the Flyers want to play - lead or no lead. We're not a sit-back type of team under Lavy. Maybe under Hitch we could've incorporated a trap game with the lead but Lavy is all about go-go-go.

the problem last night as I saw it was we got too careful and stopped attacking their net. Without Kimmo back there we started fumbling our outlet passes and got bottled up in a hurry on successive shifts in the 3rd. By the time Seabrook beat Bryzaglov - for Bryzgalov's 1 millionth soft goal this season - we'd been on our heels and making mistakes for awhile. Not horrendous, it wasn't like the ice was tilted. But just enough mistakes in our own end to give Chicago life and hope.

I think that's why Lavy kept rolling 4 lines, which was smart imo. Harry's line was cooking, they were getting pucks deep all night. But even they started scrambling on the breakouts; a few muffed passes is all it takes and suddenly we're going 3, 4, 5 shifts in a row without crossing the red line.

Disaster was just waiting to happen in the form of a Super Softie from Bryzgalov and sure enough he delivered. Seabrook's goal was one of the worst I've seen from him all year. And that's saying something!

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