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2016-17 NHL Schedules

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I know the NHL season is still quite a ways away (dammit!), and we still have things like training camps, pre-seasons, and the World Cup to get through first, but it doesn't mean we can't look ahead to our favorite team's schedule (or our favorite nemesis' schedule!) and see what games are 'must see', or how they will start or finish.


Looking ahead for the Minnesota Wild, the team's added 'size and grit' as it was coined by some will be put to the test IMMEDIATELY.


Wild start the season in St. Louis for the Blues home opener, and as everyone knows, the Blues are known for their heavy style of play.

From there, the Wild go home and play Winnipeg, Los Angeles, and Toronto.


All those teams, INCLUDING Toronto with their added off season acquisitions, should also play a hard, heavy style.


Then after that, Minnesota goes on an East Coast swing (NJ, NYI, Bos, Buf)...and that won't be easy no matter the opponent because, for whatever reason, those East Coast trips are never kind to Minnesota...particularly if they go into the NY tri state area and Boston.


Open discussion on team's schedules...go for it!

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