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  1. I'd go: Schenn - Giroux - Voracek Simmonds - Gagner - Raffl Read - Couturier - Bellemare (Umberger when returns) White - Laughton - Vandevelde (gets bumped out) or (Lecavalier if preferred) Del Zotto - Medvedev (Streit when returns) Schultz - Schenn Gudas (gets bumped out) - Ghostisbehere Mason - Neuvirth I mean I'm no coach or no genius at all by any means, but I agree the Flyers have done a really terrible job managing their lines/players so far this season.
  2. I went to most of these games, including the Bronze and Gold games, because they were in FSJ/Dawson Creek. And the 1 player that impressed me the most was Tippett. Obviously he got a hat trick and a lot of attention, but it was well deserved. He had probably one of the best releases that I've seen in a while and I think was the only kid who got a good one-timer away all tourney lol. Natural shooter, reminded me a lot of a guy like Seguin, wouldn't be surprised if we hear a lot more of him in a few years.
  3. Well from what I've seen when they beat the Caps, if Lovejoy Scuderi and Cole can have a decent night, they have a chance at winning. Letang Maata and Dumoulin all play pretty well both offensively and defensively. Combine that with Fleury actually playing well, and they keep enough pucks out I guess. As for the offence somehow it gets done, without looking flashy; surprising considering all the talent they have up front.
  4. I don't think he'll get any tbh it wasn't really that bad, 2 mins for boarding is a fair call.
  5. I think the Gord Miller / Ray Ferraro tandem is probably my favourite to listen to, idk its just something about their voices that makes listening to them enjoyable, and they work really well together. As for the worst, definitely Steigy, no question about it. And I'm not just saying that because I hate the Pens ;P Honestly I can't listen to him. If someone scores a garbage goal, they "got a lucky bounce, thats how it goes in hockey, bad breaks sometimes", whereas the pens get a garbage goal its because "he did the hard work and went to the front of the net and was in the right place at the right time". I mean yeahh I might be over exaggerating, but I can't listen to him, its awful. And is Jack Edwards really that bad? I mean I'm no Bruins fan, but I don't find him biased or that bad of a commentator. At least he has energy, and puts some emotion into his voice. I'd rather that unlike some other guys with no emotion.
  6. I hope the Caps pick up someone who can play 3rd line defense minutes with either Orlov or Schmidt later this season. Someone like Gleason (hopefully a little better though) they had last year, a solid stay at home defenseman for the playoffs. I think 2 young guys, especially Orlov, who's just getting back into hockey could definitely be our weakness. Also, I'm hoping Carrick comes up soon, possibly later this season, or next. I watched him play, and he seems almost like Klingberg over in Dallas. Not the biggest guy, but very smooth skater, and good with the puck. Btw, haha people can say what they want about Ovi being lazy and what-not, but if you score a goal every game, you're a pretty damn good player Other than that, I'm really happy with the way our team has played. Hopefully we can keep it going tonight against the Oilers and McJesus!
  7. Aside from Buffalo (where he's probably going), is it too far fetched to see Ramo go to the Blues? Elliot is getting older, and Jake Allen doesn't seem to be their goalie of the future that they envisioned. Maybe they snag up Ramo to see what he can do for them?
  8. Yeah, I still remember that Vancouver game I went to, Montreal beat them. After the game in the streets on our way back to the hotel, there were Montreal fans everywhere singing "ole ole ole". Even though we were in Vancouver, the atmosphere was unbelievable. There were Habs fans in our hotel, some of which had taken the train all the way to Vancouver to see their team play. I can only imagine that these fans and the atmosphere would be even better in Montreal, which I why I wanted to go.
  9. Fort St John, almost as far as you can get up north lol. And yeahh, the scenery is pretty nice I suppose, I guess living here my whole life I've kinda just taken it for granted. I should probably start appreciating it more haha.
  10. Carey Price, no question about it. He faces guys like Karlsson, Ovechkin, Tavares, Crosby, Stamkos on a nightly basis, and still shuts them down. Yes, Karlsson is a great defenceman. But if he's playing against a Carey Price for 82 games, does he really get 70 points? If Ovechkin plays against Price for 82 games, does he score 50 goals? Doubt it. If I'm building a team, I'm starting in the most important place in my mind, the net. And who better to pick than Carey Price, the best in the league.
  11. Well living in Northen BC it's hard to go to a lot of hockey games, I've only been to Vancouver and Calgary. Really wish I could go to a Caps game, or to a game in Montreal. I saw the Canadiens in Vancouver, but I'd really like to be at a home game in the beautiful city of Montreal.
  12. Man, we bombed with both Pokulok and Finley.. Then again, Pouliot, Brule, Skille, Lee, Zagrapan, O'Marra, Bourret, McArdle, Pelech; tough first round for quite a few teams. But man, did the Canadiens ever get a gem with Price, what a pick! Pun intended? ;P
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