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Long Leafs Off Season Rant…

Dave H

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Man I laugh at the Leafs fans, I dont blame them entirely as the market is a huge part of it but supposedly they are in on everyone Cap be damned. If you said that Nylander/Seth Jones were on the table that would be one thing, but to suggest that you can add Oleksiak/Jones, resign Foligno, add Granlund, where is the money coming from?? The Leafs are who they are, an enormously talentd team that is flawed with a fragile ego come playoffs and these moves are simply never going to happen and wont change it anyway until Matthews/Marner.Tavares/Reilly.Nylander find something that is clearly missing they are destined to be the leagues biggest and most frustrating underachievers. Not trying to pile on, they are so fun to watch but the cap is the cap and they need the big five to step up or no matter how you rearrange yhe deck chairs, the ship will continue to sink every year in April. You have to learn how to win but I would think the window is closing soon and they either learn soon or a big boy or two must be moved out.

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@Dave H


First of all Welcome!  What a great first post!  Looking forward to you joining more discussions here.


The only Leafs issue you did not address was the situation in goal.  Personally I think there are too many demons in Andersen's head and I'm curious how he comes back from being injured.  Is Campbell your starter moving forward?


Again excellent post and welcome!!





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23 hours ago, Dave H said:

Go Leafs Go!


Great first post. Welcome aboard.


23 hours ago, Dave H said:

if he is a piece that can get us Seth Jones I do that 100%.


I don't watch as many Leafs games as you i am sure but i don't think Jones is a better defender that MR so to me this wouldn't an upgrade.

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