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Metro Division Decision

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OK, let's take a stick swing at the Metro. Toughest of all to rank, but here goes:

1 Islanders

2 Washington

3 Carolina

4 Pittsburgh

5 Rangers

6 Devils

7 Philadelphia

8 Columbus

Signed and sealed. See in April. Your picks for the Metro! Medical only.

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P.J. Subban just made the Mean Metro more interesting. And dangerous. His slew-foot on Ranger Danger Ryan Reaves earns him a queasy stomach for all trips to Madison Square Garden this season.


I am certain Subban feels terrible. But this was not some accident, ice conditions be damned. Yeah, he'd take it back if he could, but he clearly did the deed.

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Every time I'm trying to list the team, I arrive at the #6 spot and realize "oh damn, I forgot them".


The toughest division to predict for the most competitive. Devils and Columbus may not be ready yet to go back in the postseason but all other teams have a legitimate shot to clinch. Isles are still the Isles, WSH and PIT are getting old and closer to the cycle end but remain top teams, NYR is the most improved team IMO. CAR are still in contention but their moves were horrible. It's hard to rank Philly, but I do think that Atkinson >> Voracek.  No choice but a very strong and good team will deceive and be out of the playoffs.


1. NY Islanders

2. Washington

3. Carolina

4. Philadelphia

5. NY Rangers

6. Pittsburgh

7. New Jersey

8. Columbus



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