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wow did they get boned

Guest yave1964

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Hard to say a team sitting 11 points out of 29th place got screwed, but the Kings scorekeeper really cheated the Jackets out of a point. For a team so bad they have been in their share of the spotlight this year, the bad signing of the Wiz, the bad trade for the untradeable Jeff Carter, does Nash want out, getting the all star game, firing the coach, now this.

Campbell really needs to figure something out about this but doubt he will cause what can he do? The Kings are fighting for anywhere from the division title to the seventh, eigth spot. One point could be huge at the end of the year. They had no guarantee of winning in overtime,What if the extra point wins them the division? Or keeps the Wild, or flames out of the playoffs? I seriously feel Campbell should punish them by removing a point but doubt he will.

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@yave1964 What happened? Didn't get to watch.

Thanks for putting the video on, that helps explain it. Basicly, tie game, couple of seconds in regulation, the Kings buzzing the net. three seconds to go, the clock 'froze' for roughly 1.4 seconds, the Kings goal was scored with 0.2 seconds to go in the game. Not saying who would have gotten the extra point in O.T. and really dont know what the league can do at this late a date but its proof that sometimes cheaters do win.

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